Thursday, December 26, 2013

Full Term Baby? - Week 37 Bumpdate!

AAHHHH!!! We are two days away from having a "Full Term Baby"! Do you know what that means?? It means that Baby Jimenez can come at anytime, and she will be fully developed. Of course, there are some serious health benefits for her to continue to develop inside the womb for the final 3 weeks of gestation. However, if she decided to come a little earlier than 40 weeks all would be well.

I CANNOT believe how fast my pregnancy flew. I have loved being pregnant! It's been a lot of fun bonding with my husband, learning new things, watching my body do some amazing things, running and interacting with the baby - truly it's one of the highlights of my entire life. I'm so thankful for this experience.

Here's a photo of how I look.

If you are a math whiz, you will notice that my due date and pregnancy week don't add up. Yes, you are correct. Since I developed Gestational Diabetes, we will be inducing me (unless Baby comes sooner) on January 10th.  I'm still feeling pretty good. 

Biggest Complaints (right now)
  • I get tired very quickly when going up and down stairs or carrying anything
  • All I want is chocolate, and I'm trying to be strong because of my GD - but ... I give in more than I should. 
  • Sometimes it's hard for me to get out of bed because my belly is so big. 
  • Heartburn can get out of control at times
Things I'm thankful for
  • minimal swelling
  • still able to walk 2 miles with my husband and puppies a couple times a week
  • able to manage my sugars with diet 
  • blood pressure has been great! 
  • minimal back pain 
  • my husband gives me foot massages whenever I ask (no joke, it's amazing)
Are you ready?

Still not quite ready, but since my last bumpdate i've made some serious progress! Here's what we've accomplished over Christmas Break! 
  1. Deep cleaned our bedroom (dusted, mopped, got rid of excess junk)
  2. Set up the Bassinet
  3. Finished the Dresser 
  4. Took the car into the shop for a tune up
  5. Created my focus cards for labor (more on that in a minute)
  6. Drafted my birth plan 
  7. Created my labor play list 
  8. digitized and downloaded some movies to watch on the kindle during labor (since i'm being induced, I will have to do all of my laboring in the hospital, and want to be sure I have whatever I might have wanted to do at home available)
  9. Wrote my Hospital Bag shopping list (will go shopping for the remaining items I need on Monday)
  10. Set goals to accomplish the remaining baby prep items over the next week and a half
Soooo, I'm not quite ready but we are making progress! 

Focus Cards
A couple weeks ago during birth class, they talked about having a focus card or image. It is an image that you look at to help you get through the contractions. 

Well, I'm going to be honest. If my husband were to put the same picture in my face for hours on end ... i'd probably scream. It'd annoy me for SURE! 

So, I got the idea of making several focus cards to read and look at as distractions during labor. Now, these may also annoy me but I'm willing to try. 

I organized my focus cards into 3 sections. 
  1.  Motivation
  2.  Bible Verses
  3.  Pictures
In the Motivation section, I have motivational quotes to remind me that I CAN do this! - I'd like to give birth without pain medications or other interventions. I'm already being induced, so if I can avoid any other interventions that'd be super! 

In Bible verses section, I have 8 or 10 bible verses to provide encouragement and peace during the experience. 

Lastly, in the Pictures section I picked 4 motivational images.
  1. Nacho Libre - A movie that no matter how stressed, or frustrated I am - I can think about that movie and laugh 
  2. Nike+ symbol - I also wrote "You never thought you'd run... but you DO" - just a little reminder that I'm capable of doing things I never thought possible. 
  3. A picture of Goofy - to remind me about setting goals
  4. A picture of Mickey - because Disney is my happy place
Here's a little collage of some of the cards so you can get an idea. If I remember, i'll have to post about whether or not I actually used the cards during labor ... we'll see!!

Lastly, a HUGE congratulations to my sister and her husband who are expecting their first baby in June!! 

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