Saturday, January 4, 2014

... 38 weeks!

Today I am 37 weeks and 1 day pregnant. Since I developed Gestational Diabetes I have been monitored more closely. This means weekly ultrasounds and fetal monitoring with my GD counselor and GD doctor, as well as weekly visits with my OB.

Yesterday was my last appointment with my GD counselor and last fetal movement test. I was excited to see the end of this stage in my pregnancy. Truth is, I loved my GD counselor - she's so encouraging and so fabulous! It's not that I don't want to hang out with her anymore, I just am ready to meet Baby Jimenez.

For the first time, I asked Chris if we could take the elevator to the office. I was feeling a little weak, and didn't want to arrive at the appointment out of breath.  I had no idea the adventure just ahead of me.

I almost passed out.

Yep. ...

I was on my back with a slight incline for the ultrasound, the room was warm, we listened to her heart beat, watched her breathe and then ... I started to feel dizzy, I couldn't focus on anything being said, it sounded as though white noise had filled the room and then. ... the questions "Erin, ... are you okay?" (of course I said yes ...) the tech quickly stopped the ultrasound, helped me onto my left side, rubbed by back - called in for back up and there I was ... sick.

I finally felt like a normal-ish person again, and we started the ultrasound again. About a minute or two later, I was nauseated - the pressing on my belly just was not feeling too good. So, pause ... bring the nurse back in, talk to me about how i'm feeling, give me some water, ask me a bunch of questions ... then we continued the ultrasound with me now on my left side.

As a preggo who has had no sickness for her entire pregnancy I started to panic. I was truly worried that something was wrong with me or my baby - after several nurses, and my GD counselor assured me I was fine, and it was my bodies way of reminding me I'm 9 months pregnant I felt a little better.

But, still not 100% so  I asked my husband to bring me home to rest.

So, boo for a dizzy spell. I'm thankful everything is okay. By the way, the whole time I was struggling Baby Jimenez was stretching, kicking and making sure we all knew she was fine.

Weight Gain
As of last Monday, my total weight gain for Baby Jimenez was 0.  That's right folks ... the same weight I weighed in for my very first pre-natal appointment was the same as Monday 12/30.

As of Friday, Baby Jimenez weighed in at 6 pounds and 9 ounces. She's at the 50 percentile for her age of gestation.

We are both doing great.

I had some minor swelling for a couple of days in mid-December. Since then, I haven't had any.

I'm still walking and squatting. I try to walk about 2 miles every other day or so, and do about 15-20 squats to help strengthen my back and legs for labor and delivery!

The Checklist! 
The checklist is almost done!
Since I last updated, we have ...

  • Packed my hospital bag (will post what I packed next week)
  • Set up the stroller
  • Installed the car seat
  • Cleaned out the library - got it ready for my sister's to come visit
  • Finished the nursery! 
  • Scrubbed the guest bathroom - prepped it for my family to come
Final to dos ...
  1. Put away Christmas decorations 
  2. Get my nails done
  3. Wash the dogs 
  4. Set up beds for family
I'm sure there are a couple of other things on the list - but for the most part we are ready for baby! 

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