Tuesday, February 25, 2014


After my 6 week postpartum check up yesterday I realized that I am only 23 pounds away from my original long-term weight loss goal.

My original goal was to lose 100 pounds.

If someone would have told me in January of 2012 that by February 24th, 2014 I would have run 2 half marathons, countless 5ks (some while pregnant), given birth to the most beautiful angel and be 23 pounds away from my original goal of 100 pounds I would most certainly NOT have believed them.

Even now, it's hard to believe...

In honor of my upcoming accomplishment, I want to purchase something to to wear that will remind me of the hard work and dedication it took to lose the weight.  I'm thinking a necklace, but I'm not sure yet.

What would you buy, or how would you celebrate losing 100 pounds?

I realize I'm still a couple months away, but I still need to plan (you know, something to keep me motivated).

Of course, I couldn't have survived this journey without the amazing support of my husband, family, and the community of fitness fanatics I often connect with online. So many people have bee a part of my journey, and will continue to be a part.

From my family to yours, THANK YOU!

Family Walk, February 2014

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