Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weekly Chase!

Another week has come and gone and my baby girl is now 3 weeks old. It's time to check in on how I did with my goals from last week.

As always, I'm linking up with Mindy and Molly for the Weekly Chase.

1) Home Maintenance - Yes, I was able to clean at least 1 thing each day before lunch.

2) Watch my junk food intake - Yes, I have been able to curb some of my junk food intake. I need to get better, but I can confidently say that I have begun to change the behavior of eating junk food because of the convenience.

3) Walk Daily - We walked most of the days, but took a day or two due to weather and visitors, but we will get back out there for our walks soon.

4) Read to Baby - Yes, We've been reading to baby each day.

5) Tummy Time - Yes, baby and I have had our daily time. It's great to see how strong she's getting!

It's the last week of my husbands paternity leave. He took 1 month of leave from work, and when we were planning it all out, I honestly felt that it would be plenty of time. However, now that we are in the final days of his leave I'm getting a little anxious. He helps me so much around the house! - Like with the cooking, walking the dogs and other tasks.  I know I can do it on my own, I just need to be realistic about what will get done during the day, and what will have to wait until Papi comes home.

So, what goals am I chasing this week?

Personal Health

  • Walk 3 times
  • Monitor quality of food intake (a.k.a. continue to decrease chips, cookies or other junk food items)
Establishing a Routine
  • Begin to get into a bedtime / sleep routine - lately we have been staying up really late and sleeping in. Although it's nice to treat each day like a Saturday, we need to go to bed at a normal hour. 

Just a couple goals for the week, but I'm confident I will be able to crush these goals. 

Question: What goals are you chasing? 

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