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I'm back to pounding the pavement. In a couple weeks I'll be running a 12k with the goal of bettering my submission time for the Tower of  Terror 10-miler! 
I can run a little over 2 miles in 30 minutes which is about all I've been able to do lately. 
Baby Jimenez is now 11 weeks old, and mostly breastfed. We do supplement in the evenings, or when we are out and it's not convenient to bfeed her. My efforts to give as much breastmilk as possible make it harder and harder to run for longer distances for now... 
Breastfeeeding runners, how do you get our there and run? 
 Who is on your running support team? 
My newest cheerleader!

Our first Sunday.

Today was our first Sunday back at church. 
Tiny Princess did pretty well, I had to take her out for crying during the first meeting and laughing during the second. 
It's so nice to be back out in the real world. Sometimes I feel pretty locked up inside all day. 
We are going to try and go for evening meeting, hopefully baby will stay happy. 
Stay tuned, I'll start posting about being a fit mom soon!

The first kick.

I should be sleeping right now, but I have to get my thoughts down now before they fade into the land of forgotten moments. Moments so tender and precious are often forgotten by new moms all in the name of "sleep".
So, forget you sleep! I want to share my memory. 
Today we celebrated my sisters baby with a small gathering of friends. Im so excited for Baby Williams to join our family this June. I love her so much all ready, and can't wait to snuggle her. 

It's late in the evening, (okay... Midnight) and I took over the night shift so my husband can sleep. He's running a 10k tomorrow and we need to get up around 5 so I can feed our daughter before we head out. As I sit on the bed at my parents house in Tampa rocking my baby to sleep, I feel her slowly start to drift into a deep slumber. I often pray for her when she's calm in my arms. 
I pray for her to get a good night of sleep.  I pray for her to overcome acid reflux. I pray for her to fall in love with Jesus, and…

Eight Weeks!

Happy 2 months Baby Girl! 
You melt my heart with each smile, and I pray that I am an example of a Godly wife to your daddy and mother to you. 

My Response.

On March 7, 2008 after an 8 year relationship (we weren't technically allowed to "date" until '04 - but there was never anyone else) I said "yes" to becoming "Mrs Jimenez"
The ring on my finger is a constant reminder of our love story, written only for us by our God. 
Now that we are parents (Aaahh so crazy) may our love be an example to our daughter as a healthy marriage, showing the love of Christ.  
May she realize that even in the hard times, her parents loved Christ, each other and her! 
Chris, I'm not the same girl you asked to be your bride 6 years ago. But, you are different too. Our love story is still being written, our character is changing day by day - but if you were to ask me again... 
I'd still say YES! 

THIS moment...

As each day passes and I see Tiny Princess develop I must stop and be thankful for the moment. 
Yes, I want her to have her vaccines and for flu season to be over so we can return to church, or go to a crowded place. 
Yes, I want her to be strong enough to hold her head up. Every mom wants that, it would make it easier for me to allow people to hold her anyway... 
Yes, I want her to nap in her bed. But not really because she won't want to be in my arms forever. 
Yes, I want to eat a full meal in one sitting. 
Yes, I'm looking forward to her first trip to Disney.
Yes, I think about all the adventures we will have when she's old enough to remember them. 
Yes. The answer is probably yes, I'm looking forward to [insert milestone here].
But for now, I will remind myself to enjoy THIS moment because all too soon it will be a memory. 
All too soon she will be independent.
All too soon she will no longer be my tiny princess, but a full grown princess. 
To my readers, may you live in THIS…

Adventure is out there!!

One of the best parts of being a mom is that I get to watch Tiny Princess discover new things ALL the time. Her latest discovery? ...fingers! We were sitting on the couch during our afternoon "sing-song time" (where I sing basically every song I know very loudly in all different voices for about 15 minutes) and as I was counting with my fingers, she reached her hand up and pointed a finger, then quickly inspected it.  Now, I might be a little crazy - but it made my whole day. She's been mesmerized by her fingers ever since.

Life is one grand adventure, and on the days where it seems the laundry is piled far too high, or we don't have a single clean dish I remind myself that someday I will remember these as "The Good ol' Days". So, in celebration of "The Good ol' Days" we set out on a family adventure on Saturday.

Last Monday I was given the okay by my OB to resume fitness, and reminded that my body has changed so I need to 1) be careful and…