Sunday, March 16, 2014

The first kick.

I should be sleeping right now, but I have to get my thoughts down now before they fade into the land of forgotten moments. Moments so tender and precious are often forgotten by new moms all in the name of "sleep".

So, forget you sleep! I want to share my memory. 

Today we celebrated my sisters baby with a small gathering of friends. Im so excited for Baby Williams to join our family this June. I love her so much all ready, and can't wait to snuggle her. 

It's late in the evening, (okay... Midnight) and I took over the night shift so my husband can sleep. He's running a 10k tomorrow and we need to get up around 5 so I can feed our daughter before we head out. As I sit on the bed at my parents house in Tampa rocking my baby to sleep, I feel her slowly start to drift into a deep slumber. I often pray for her when she's calm in my arms. 

I pray for her to get a good night of sleep. 
I pray for her to overcome acid reflux.
I pray for her to fall in love with Jesus, and for her to be courageous with her faith. 

I pray that I would be a good mom and that when I'm having a challenging day I'd be unashamed to be real. 

I pray for so many things, as I hold her closely.

Tonight as the deep sleep settled in I realized that in this very same spot on a warm evening in July I felt her move inside me for the very first time. 

She was about 14 weeks gestation, and everyone said it was too soon for me to be feeling the flutters. 

"They" were wrong.

I felt her wiggle and squirm, and it was only the beginning. 

As I cherished that moment last summer, I cherish each moment I spend rocking her to sleep. 

All too soon she will be grown into a beautiful young lady and moments like tonight will be safely tucked away in my heart. 

Tiny Princess, I love you more than you'll ever know. 

July 2013, the week I first felt you kick. 

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