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The P word.

I was feeling quite discouraged with running... 
I mean, after a day of limited sleep, Breastfeeding, supplementing with formula, and just taking care of a teething  baby... 
I.  Am.  Exhausted! 
My husband is always so supportive, and  takes over baby duty so I can run. However, I'm usually pretty dehydrated and tired, and the sun is in my eyes ... And it's like way too hot ... 
[complain - complain - complain]
Yeah... My negativity was really getting me down with. 
Until I remembered this quote. 

So, we press onward... Remembering that every run won't be fabulous and that I can't change the weather. I live in South's gonna be hot from now until .... Next January! 
The Goofy Challenge is an attainable goal. 
Yes, it is possible!
Question: what are some quotes that motivate you? 

Clermont 12k on Lake Minneola

Because I'm a runner I am willing to drive 5 hours after Youth Group responsibilities to run a 12k. - for fun! 
Because I'm a mom, I will sacrifice sleep to get up to feed and snuggle my baby before leaving. 
Because I've dropped 4 minutes off my pace since I originally signed up for the Tower of Terror 10-miler, I searched for a race that we could do (Mr. Charming and I) and submit a time. 
We landed on the Minneola 12k. It was long enough to use for our tot 10-miler and goofy times, and close enough to my parents that they could watch the little lady while we ran! 
Win. Win! 
The course was beautiful, we started in the park and ran completely around the lake - which was nice because at times you could feel the cool breeze.
Miles 1-2 I held up a 4 min run / 1 min walk routine. 
Mile 3 - I started to feel really dehydrated (memo to moms, drink a full glass or two of water after feeding your baby!) 3 min run / 1 min walk 

Mile 4 - choked down some GU, made me more nauseated. 1 min …

Spoiler Alert: TOT Costumes

This October my husband and I are running the Tower of Terror 10-miler! 
[insert happy dance]
Little Lady will be with her grandparents at thier vacation rental and WE will be on an adventure!! 
We have been trying to run this event since it's inaugural run. However, the first year we were too chicken to sign up (we'd only JUST started running) and so 2013, we were registered but my OB encouraged me to defer since I'd only run about 4 miles at a time during my pregnancy. 
Soooo, 2014 is going to be a blast! It's only because I feel like I've been trying to run this race forever! 
At Run Disney races everyone dresses up. 
It's totally a thing. 
If you aren't in a costume, or in an outfit inspired by a charector... You are like... 
You stand out. 
I know, because my first 5k, I wasn't and I stood out. - felt like I was missing half the fun of the race! 
I feel like it's easier for ladies to dress up, because we can basically put on a sparkle sk…


It's not going to be easy to properly train with a new baby, but it's going to be worth it! 
How are you training for the WDW marathon, Goofy or Dopey Challenge? 

Goofy Mommy?!

Hello Friends! 
It's April 22, 2014! Registration Day for the WDW marathon weekend!! 
My husband and I are already registered (sigh of relief). Since we were expecting, we deferred to 2015. 
Our precious daughter was born shortly after Marathon Weekend concluded. 
We are ready for 2015! 

Now, I was nervous about training last year. BEFORE I was a mom... You better believe I have a healthy fear of this whole 39.3 challenge. 

So, I did what all type-A personalities do. I made a plan. I scratched out ideas on scraps of paper, on my phone and of course talked it over with #goofydaddy (who is also running with me!) 
Thankfully, we have a support team of family and friends who live nearby, so we can count on them for a few hours here and there to play with little lady while we train! 

It's going to be tough, especially with the early mornings. But I have no doubt that we will get it done!
Besides, with my tunes I'm sure I'll have the energy to push through the miles! We will also be …

Happy Easter.

" He isn't here, because he has been raised from the dead, just as he said.  Come and see the place where they laid him. "
From my story to yours, Happy Easter! 

3 ways to get fit during tummy time

Yesterday we had a beautiful day with just the family! Little Lady had her 3 month check up, and ears pierced. She looks adorable, by the way! In order to celebrate, and spend some time outside of our condo, we bought zoo passes!

We LOVE the zoo, and now I have a place to walk around with Little Lady. Saturday we are going to go meet the Easter Bunny at the Zoo. So fun!

Family Day Post. 

If you've had children in the last 20 years, you know the importance of "tummy time". Ever since the "back to sleep" campaign, which encourages care-givers to put babies to sleep on their back, infants have needed additional time on their tummy. This helps them to build neck control, and build up the upper body strength needed to crawl and eventually walk.

(Disclaimer, not a medical professional - just a mom)

Anyway, since little lady and I have been spending a lot of time on our tummy I thought i'd share a few ways I've incorporated fitness into our tummy time.

Note: Alw…

Family Day!

Last week Prince Charming surprised me with news that he was going to take the whole day off of work today! 
Today we go to the pediatrician for Tiny Princess to get her ears pierced and have her 3 month check up. 
I'm pretty excited to find out her weight and length. She's very tiny, but I feel like she's def. gained a full pound (if not more) since her last check up! 
After the doctor we are going to head to the zoo for some family fun. A zoo pass is absolutely a great deal... 59.00 for a year at the zoo for 2 people. We are going to get the "duel" pass in my name. It means that I can take 1 guest with me. 
Sooo, if I go with the babe during the week I can invite someone to join us - or Prince Charming can come! 
I'm sure the trip won't be very long tomorrow, but we've been wanting to take babe to the zoo since I found out I was expecting. Seriously... We have a thing for zoos. 
Aaaaany way! Wherever your journey leads you today, stay positive and have fu…

Weekend Journal

Hey, Hey! 
What made your weekend fabulous? 
Saturday started with Baby girl getting 8 hours of sleep!! (Translation, I got 7 hours of sleep!!) 
After 8 hours, she ate and then cuddled with us for another 40 minutes before she'd had enough and wanted to play. 
We then had a lovely oatmeal breakfast, and organized our drawers!  A little spring cleaning you might say... 
If you follow my twitter, you may have noticed that I mentioned I was organizing the linen closet on Friday. Well,... Between the drawers and linen closet I have 3 boxes to donate. 
I always feel so accomplished when I get rid of excess stuff don't you? 
We spent the afternoon at my in-laws house. They are completely renovating, and my husband goes to help his Dad during the weekends. 
Usually I stay home, but I wanted to get out of the house so I went too. Since the house is basically a construction zone, I spent the afternoon on the back porch. 
I did squeeze in a little walk around the block. It was nice to see my Inla…

3 Reasons Pregnancy Made Me a Better Runner

Last May when I found out I was expecting, I was undoubtedly excited. I couldn't wait to be a mom. 
Only thing, I  was in the early stages of training for my First Marathon... Actually a 39.3 mile, two day challenge at Walt Disney World. 
My pre-pregnancy plan was to keep up my base mileage, and work on strength training. I've read so many articles that encourage a strong core for better running form, so I was going to work on my core, and building my base from April - July. 
In July, I was going to start the Jeff Galloway training plan for the 2014 Goofy Challege. 
As you can imagine, I was a little disappointed, but overall fine with deferring the challenge until 2015. However, I was not ready to give up running! 
With my OB's consent (and constant supervision - seriously, she was always checking in on my mileage) I continued to run until I was 36 weeks pregnant. 
Becoming a #pregnantrunner helped me in many ways, here are three of them! 
1) Proper Form When you are carrying a c…

12k ready in 16 days

Since I registered for the Tower of Terror 10-miler during Princess Half weekend 2013, and it was before I'd run my first half, I didn't have a time to put in the estimate... 
During that time I was running a 14-15 min mile, and then... Well, Baby Jimenez caused me to defer the race. 
Baby Jimenez is here, and I'm running again only this time... My average pace is about 13 minutes.
So you see, I need to run a 10k or more to submit so that I can be in an appropriate corral. 
In order to accomplish that, I need to run this race before mid-may. 
We picked a race near my parents so they could watch the baby and both my husband and I can run together! (It will be like a date...) 
My plan to get a good time to submit is to use the Run/walk/run with a 2.5 min run and a 1 min walk. 

Question: do you run/walk/run? What intervals do you use? 

12 Weeks of Motherhood

12 weeks have flown by! I'm thankful for a job that allowed me to take 6 months maternity leave, because seriously... 12 weeks is NOT enough time (not sure 24 weeks will be either).

Anyway, now that our Tiny Princess is 12 weeks old, we are getting more settled into an eating, sleeping, playing routine (Yeah, "normal")


Tummy TimeShe will (sometimes) roll overReach for toysFocus on booksFavorite ToysCurrently loves an elephant rattleA soft cloth with a flower SleepingWill sleep from 6-8 hours at nightWill nap in her crib for up to 2 hours in the morningAfternoon naps, if they happen are in my arms or the swing
Health Still struggling with acid reflux, but it's getting better.22 inches (estimated)Unsure on the weight, we will have to wait until her next pediatrician apt! What I'm feeling Quite tired most days, it takes a lot to try and keep up with cleaning, dogs (who are always into something) and of course tummy time and yummy time. Ready to run.I took it e…

Pinterest Tested: Organization

Babies grow really quickly, they are in and out of sizes faster than you can blink! 
One of the organization tips I've used, and find helpful is to have a bin for "too small" items in an easy to access, out of the way space!  I used a cute trash can that fits on the bottom shelf of the changing table. 
Easy and convenient. 
Since I'm still losing weight I've taken this tip and incorporated it into my fitness life.  I have a bag next to the dryer of clothes, as I fold clothes and find things that are too big, I put it in the bag to donate! 
Question: how do you organize clothes that don't fit? 
Original Pinterest source:


2014 is a year of transition in our Storybook Life. 
Our hearts expanded in mid January when we welcomed a beautiful princess into our family. 
I transitioned from pregnancy to motherhood, and Prince Charming was an instant super dad. 
On Tuesday our Princess will be 3 months old, so the next transition for us will be moving from bassinet in our room to the crib (a.k.a. Big girl bed) in her room. 
Here are 4 things I've been doing to help transition baby girl to her room. 
1. Tummy time! All tummy time is done in her room. I've moved all her toys into her room, (re-claimed my living room) and we just have a fun time exercising our muscles and playing with toys. 
2. Diaper changes.  I've moved all of the diaper changes to her room. 
3. Feedings.  I've started feeding her more in her room. Associating comfort with her new space. 
4. A.m. Nap  I've been successful a few times with getting her to take a long nap (30-45 min). I stay in her room and fold clothes, or rest for a few m…

Quarter 1 Recap and Q2 Goals!

Early this year I talked about how since I was starting a new chapter in my story I would need to just live one day at a time. So far, this new chapter of motherhood has been a bumpy ride.

As much as I LOVE being Tiny Princesses mom, it's not always easy. The birth was exciting, and after a 22 hour induction, I could hardly remember the pain of the pitocin (Okay, that's a lie - i'll never forget that pain!) We've had a couple of challenges with breastfeeding, and her acid reflux BUT I really think we are figuring this new chapter out!

Our Tiny Princess is officially 11 weeks old, and I'm looking forward to her next pediatrician appointment. We will get to see how much she's gained (She's super petite) and we will be getting her ears pierced!! I'm so excited!! She's going to be so cute!

Enough baby talk, lets discuss my quarter one goals and set some goals for quarter two.

Quarter 1 Goals 

1. Give Birth. - Done! January 14th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. we welc…