Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12 Weeks of Motherhood

12 weeks have flown by! I'm thankful for a job that allowed me to take 6 months maternity leave, because seriously... 12 weeks is NOT enough time (not sure 24 weeks will be either).

Anyway, now that our Tiny Princess is 12 weeks old, we are getting more settled into an eating, sleeping, playing routine (Yeah, "normal")


  • Tummy Time
    • She will (sometimes) roll over
    • Reach for toys
    • Focus on books
  • Favorite Toys
    • Currently loves an elephant rattle
    • A soft cloth with a flower 
  • Sleeping
    • Will sleep from 6-8 hours at night
    • Will nap in her crib for up to 2 hours in the morning
      • Afternoon naps, if they happen are in my arms or the swing

  • Still struggling with acid reflux, but it's getting better.
  • 22 inches (estimated)
  • Unsure on the weight, we will have to wait until her next pediatrician apt! 
What I'm feeling
  • Quite tired most days, it takes a lot to try and keep up with cleaning, dogs (who are always into something) and of course tummy time and yummy time. 
  • Ready to run.
    • I took it easy, now i'm ready to get out there and RUN! I need the time to unwind, and relax.
  • Excited to watch her continue to develop
  • Thankful. 
    • Even when I'm grouchy, my husband takes care of me and will often tell me to go for a run. - which  I always appreciate (and come back less grouchy). 
Thanks for being a part of our story. <3

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