Tuesday, April 8, 2014

12k ready in 16 days

Since I registered for the Tower of Terror 10-miler during Princess Half weekend 2013, and it was before I'd run my first half, I didn't have a time to put in the estimate... 

During that time I was running a 14-15 min mile, and then... Well, Baby Jimenez caused me to defer the race. 

Baby Jimenez is here, and I'm running again only this time... My average pace is about 13 minutes.

So you see, I need to run a 10k or more to submit so that I can be in an appropriate corral. 

In order to accomplish that, I need to run this race before mid-may. 

We picked a race near my parents so they could watch the baby and both my husband and I can run together! (It will be like a date...) 

My plan to get a good time to submit is to use the Run/walk/run with a 2.5 min run and a 1 min walk. 

Question: do you run/walk/run? What intervals do you use? 

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