Saturday, April 26, 2014

Clermont 12k on Lake Minneola

Because I'm a runner I am willing to drive 5 hours after Youth Group responsibilities to run a 12k. - for fun! 

Because I'm a mom, I will sacrifice sleep to get up to feed and snuggle my baby before leaving. 

Because I've dropped 4 minutes off my pace since I originally signed up for the Tower of Terror 10-miler, I searched for a race that we could do (Mr. Charming and I) and submit a time. 

We landed on the Minneola 12k. It was long enough to use for our tot 10-miler and goofy times, and close enough to my parents that they could watch the little lady while we ran! 

Win. Win! 

The course was beautiful, we started in the park and ran completely around the lake - which was nice because at times you could feel the cool breeze.

Miles 1-2 I held up a 4 min run / 1 min walk routine. 

Mile 3 - I started to feel really dehydrated (memo to moms, drink a full glass or two of water after feeding your baby!) 3 min run / 1 min walk 

Mile 4 - choked down some GU, made me more nauseated. 1 min run / 1 min walk 

Mile 5-end - finally feeling better!! 2 min run / 1 min walk 

Apparently, someone was "racing us" and wasn't happy when we left them in our dust. You'll have to ask Mr. charming about that, I didn't hear the comment (tweet to him @cjmnz8).

I genuinely felt great! I was super nervous with only 1 hour of sleep, was also feeling nauseated (nerves always get me) - but, it was great! 


I'm proud to turn in this pace for my upcoming Run Disney events!!

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