Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Family Day!

Last week Prince Charming surprised me with news that he was going to take the whole day off of work today! 

Today we go to the pediatrician for Tiny Princess to get her ears pierced and have her 3 month check up. 

I'm pretty excited to find out her weight and length. She's very tiny, but I feel like she's def. gained a full pound (if not more) since her last check up! 

After the doctor we are going to head to the zoo for some family fun. A zoo pass is absolutely a great deal... 59.00 for a year at the zoo for 2 people. We are going to get the "duel" pass in my name. It means that I can take 1 guest with me. 

Sooo, if I go with the babe during the week I can invite someone to join us - or Prince Charming can come! 

I'm sure the trip won't be very long tomorrow, but we've been wanting to take babe to the zoo since I found out I was expecting. Seriously... We have a thing for zoos. 

Aaaaany way! Wherever your journey leads you today, stay positive and have fun! 

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