Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Quarter 1 Recap and Q2 Goals!

Early this year I talked about how since I was starting a new chapter in my story I would need to just live one day at a time. So far, this new chapter of motherhood has been a bumpy ride.

As much as I LOVE being Tiny Princesses mom, it's not always easy. The birth was exciting, and after a 22 hour induction, I could hardly remember the pain of the pitocin (Okay, that's a lie - i'll never forget that pain!) We've had a couple of challenges with breastfeeding, and her acid reflux BUT I really think we are figuring this new chapter out!

Our Tiny Princess is officially 11 weeks old, and I'm looking forward to her next pediatrician appointment. We will get to see how much she's gained (She's super petite) and we will be getting her ears pierced!! I'm so excited!! She's going to be so cute!

Enough baby talk, lets discuss my quarter one goals and set some goals for quarter two.

Quarter 1 Goals 

1. Give Birth. - Done! January 14th, 2014 at 7:30 p.m. we welcomed our little girl into the world.

2. Take time to recover.  - Yes, I did a whole lot of eating, and resting in the early days. Only walking for exercise for the first 6 weeks.

3. Find a Routine. - Still working on that, but doing well.

4. Begin adding exercise in March. - Yes, I started with DVD's while the baby slept (or sat in her swing and watched) , now I run for about 30 minutes a couple times a week. 

Quarter 2 goals

1. Continue to Breastfeed (yes, it's a daily goal because it's absolutely exhausting. However, I feel privileged to be able to almost exclusively BF) 

2. Begin training for Tower of Terror 19-miler 

3. Continue to strength train 2 days a week 

What are your goals?? 

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