Friday, April 25, 2014

Spoiler Alert: TOT Costumes

This October my husband and I are running the Tower of Terror 10-miler! 

[insert happy dance]

Little Lady will be with her grandparents at thier vacation rental and WE will be on an adventure!! 

We have been trying to run this event since it's inaugural run. However, the first year we were too chicken to sign up (we'd only JUST started running) and so 2013, we were registered but my OB encouraged me to defer since I'd only run about 4 miles at a time during my pregnancy. 

Soooo, 2014 is going to be a blast! It's only because I feel like I've been trying to run this race forever! 

At Run Disney races everyone dresses up. 

It's totally a thing. 

If you aren't in a costume, or in an outfit inspired by a charector... You are like... 


You stand out. 

I know, because my first 5k, I wasn't and I stood out. - felt like I was missing half the fun of the race! 


I feel like it's easier for ladies to dress up, because we can basically put on a sparkle skirt, a few accessories and we have a look. For men, it's a little trickier. 

That's why, my husband has never actually dressed up. 

Until now...

Yep! He has agreed to dress up for the Tower of Terror 10-miler! 

Sword on the Stone is one of his all time favorites and he told me he'd dress like Merlin if id dress like Mim. 

Obviously, I said yes!!! 

Now... To buy a pink sparkle skirt or make a pink tutu??? 

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