Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The P word.

was feeling quite discouraged with running... 

I mean, after a day of limited sleep, Breastfeeding, supplementing with formula, and just taking care of a teething  baby... 


My husband is always so supportive, and  takes over baby duty so I can run. However, I'm usually pretty dehydrated and tired, and the sun is in my eyes ... And it's like way too hot ... 

[complain - complain - complain]

Yeah... My negativity was really getting me down with. 

Until I remembered this quote. 

So, we press onward... Remembering that every run won't be fabulous and that I can't change the weather. I live in South Florida...it's gonna be hot from now until .... Next January! 

The Goofy Challenge is an attainable goal. 

Yes, it is possible!

Question: what are some quotes that motivate you? 

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