Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Journal

Hey, Hey! 

What made your weekend fabulous? 

Saturday started with Baby girl getting 8 hours of sleep!! (Translation, I got 7 hours of sleep!!) 

After 8 hours, she ate and then cuddled with us for another 40 minutes before she'd had enough and wanted to play. 

We then had a lovely oatmeal breakfast, and organized our drawers! 
A little spring cleaning you might say... 

If you follow my twitter, you may have noticed that I mentioned I was organizing the linen closet on Friday. Well,... Between the drawers and linen closet I have 3 boxes to donate. 

I always feel so accomplished when I get rid of excess stuff don't you? 

We spent the afternoon at my in-laws house. They are completely renovating, and my husband goes to help his Dad during the weekends. 

Usually I stay home, but I wanted to get out of the house so I went too. Since the house is basically a construction zone, I spent the afternoon on the back porch. 

I did squeeze in a little walk around the block. It was nice to see my Inlaws new neighborhood, and baby was happy playing in the stroller for the 20 minute walk.

Sunday I woke up with crazy back pain. So I took advantage of the few minutes before the baby and my husband woke up to brush my teeth (in the quiet) and do some yoga stretches. 

Church, lunch, relaxing at home, evening church and then my husband and I took turns watching baby and sneaking in runs. 

I was quite pleased with my run. Mostly because I had a nice personal best. 

Hope your weekend was surrounded by love and fun. 

Question: what made your weekend fabulous? 

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