Thursday, May 22, 2014

Little Lady goes to Disney: Lunch Tips

Since Little Lady is only 4 months old, and the sun is quite intense, we were sure to book dining reservations for the hottest part of the day (usually around 2-3) 

It was great to get out of the sun and enjoy a meal each day! 

Epcot: Bier Garten 

In Epcot we ate in Germany at the Bier Garten. It's an all you can eat buffet and the drinks (non-spirited) are included. 

We enjoyed the delicious food and our little lady enjoyed the show! We spent close to two hours in that restaurant! 

Hollywood Studios: Mama Mel Rose 

For Hollywood Studios we tried Mama Melrose and it was fabulous! We ended up upgrading to the "VIP dining experience" which included a seat for the fantasmic show and later found that for 37.99 per person we each got an appetizer, an entre (we had steak) and a dessert sampler. I was pretty excited that the drinks were also included in that price! 

So, another long lunch out of the sun was enjoyed! If you are going to Hollywood Studios, I recommend that package for dining, it was great to see the show from a seat, center stage! Especially after a long day of walking around with a 10+ pound little lady. 

Magic Kingdom: Beast Castle 
It is next to impossible to get reservations at Beast Castle for dinner. I lucked out on reservations last December when my love took me to Disney for a pre-baby/anniversary/birthday trip and we loved it! 

So, I called Disney to (try to)get reservations for lunch. Then, I learned that Beast Castle does quick service for lunch, so you wait in line (like you would anywhere else) order and eat! 

By the time we were ready for lunch, the wait was only about 20 minutes so we were able to have lunch in the ac at Magic Kigdom as well! 

Okay... One thing I will note is that the line for this is in the DIRECT sunlight. Disney being fabulous had cast members walking up and down the line with umbrellas for the babies and elderly guests first, and other guests were offered next. As a mom with a fair skin baby, I was thankful! 

Another detail was the ice water coolers they set out for guests in line. It was much appreciated to be able to have a glass of iced water with lemon while we waited for out turn to eat. 

If you go, try the grey stuff it's delicious! 
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