Saturday, June 28, 2014

Erin's thotful Spot 4: Baby Fever?

Hi Friends!

So, i'm not going to lie. I've had a bit of "baby fever" lately. Actually, ... since shortly after little lady was born.  Then, when some of our dear friends told us they were expecting it got even worse!

I even told my husband that I'd rather be pregnant than train for the Goofy Challenge [read, i'm terrified of the 39.3 challenge].


My sister had her baby on Monday. Little Miss is absolutely stunning. She's got the cutest little features, and the cutest peach fuzzy hair, and her olive complexion, and ... and.. and... then it happened.

We were talking on Skype with the new parents, listening to the excitement in her first hours of life and I heard it.

That "new baby - feed me - I just wanna be held by my mommy cry"

As beautiful as the cry is, I remembered my first days with little lady, and how exhausting they were and just like that, my baby fever was cured.

I have a beautiful 5 month old who (more often than not) sleeps through the night, takes 2 naps a day giggles constantly, and for all those things I am truly grateful!

Yes, I want another baby some day - but I can wait.

So, lets do this!

Goofy, I'm coming to conquer your challenge this January!!!

So,  now that I've admitted to the world my fear and anxiety of the Goofy Challenge I felt that this quote was most appropriate to capture my mood as I begin GOOFY training on Tuesday!

"If your dream doesn't scare you, it isn't big enough" 
Kristine K. Stevens

QOTD: What big event are you preparing for?

More from the thotful spot!

There will be days... 

Run when you can... 


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The journey begins.

I am just days away from officially beginning goofy training!

excuse me for 1 tiny second.  GOOFY?

Yes. Goofy!

I feel like I talk about Goofy like its a common knowledge, and I understand that for those in the RunDisney world it is. However, for those regular Disney fans who when they think "Goofy", they picture this guy... I will explain the challenge.

May 2013, Before we knew about Little Lady... :)
The Goofy Challenge is hosted by RunDisney each January during Marathon Weekend. It consists of running 39.3 miles over 2 days. 

On the first day, you run 13.1 miles (Half Marathon hosted by Donald Duck)

On the second day you run 26.2 miles (Full Marathon hosted by Mickey Mouse)

At the end of the two races, you have officially run 39.3 miles, and through all 4 parks (some of them twice)! As a reward you get 3 fabulous medals and of course the satisfaction of knowing that YOU have run a Marathon!!! 

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Goofy Challenge so there is a special medal and everything! 

I'm SUPER excited, and SUPER nervous! 

You can read more about the challenge on the RunDisney website. Please note, I receive NO benefit from sharing about the goofy challenge.  I'm just a RunDisney fan, excited about the event! 

QOTD: Do you RunDisney? - What's your favorite race? 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Erin's Thotful Spot: 3

Friends, I am at the end of week 2 fighting a cold.

I'm officially annoyed - but better!

My husband is still not 100%, but he's such a champ. He goes to work all day and still manages to help me out when he gets home. On Wednesday he gave me the most beautiful gift a mom could ever ask for.

A nap.

Seriously, it was amazing!

I had been dealing with body aches, nausea, headache and chills ALL day. So, at 6:30 I went to "lay down for a minute" and slept for 2 hours. Obviously I needed it because I felt so much better on Thursday.  Anyway!  I never had a fever, strange. Maybe I'm just tired?

Could that be the case?

Who knows...

So, as I was reflecting on this week and looking forward to next week (when I will for SURE be back out running again) I thought of this quote by Dean Karnazes.

Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must: just never give up. 

I find this quote to be so inspiring. It doesn't matter if I'm having a good running week, or a bad running week. I am just so thankful that I am able to run.  The old me would have never been able to imagine herself running in anything - much less MARATHON TRAINING!! Seriously... who have I become? 

So, on the days that I am disappointed with my training it helps to to see images of the once highly obese me, and know that I have lost over 70 pounds and have completely changed my life and my health for the better! 
So friends, instead of a question, I'm giving you a challenge. Will you take some time and crawl with me? Maybe you're not a runner - maybe you've been sick, or busy or whatever the reason is that you haven't laced up your sneakers. ... Will you crawl? 

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I must be official. ...

Okay friends... I'm making it official and putting myself on Facebook.


Okay, I've been on and off the fence over creating a FB page, and basically... I thought it was time to just go for it!

Since I'm about to begin Marathon Training, i'll have plenty of content to share, and ... I'm pretty sure my friends don't really care that my pace improved by 5 seconds - but if you chose to like my page, you are probably into that kind of thing and would appreciate it!


I have a page.

You can go like it and share it with all your friends if you want. :)

Erin's on Facebook...

Monday, June 16, 2014

Runners World Streaking - Week 3

I'm officially NOT streaking.

I had a sore throat from last Saturday until Tuesday. Then, I just was all congested and super tired so I allowed my body to rest.

THEN, this weekend my husband started feeling sick with the exact same symptoms. I'm hoping that he gets better sooner than I. I'm pretty sure he will, I went and bought him some cold medicine. I'm breastfeeding, so basically I can have warm tea and water to fight off colds.

Seriously. ... breastfeeding is so healthy for the baby, and so exhausting for the mommy. [rabbit trail]

Maybe next year I will be able to complete the streak.

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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Erin's Thotful Spot: 2

It's hard to believe that it's already Saturday morning again.

I'm planning to talk more about the run streak in a separate post, but... basically. I didn't run this week. Last Saturday I mentioned that I had a sore throat, and that my husband reminded me to give myself permission to take a break.

Well, I took a break and was fighting a cold or something ALL week.  So, since I wasn't doing the run streak, I made sure to go on as many walks with the whole family as possible.

So for today's quote, I bring you one from that Silly ol' bear himself.

As soon as I saw you, I knew and adventure was going to happen. 

That quote pretty much sums up how I feel about all of the members of our little family.

Little Lady proves daily that she is a spunky, determined little girl.  She has a sparkle in her eyes that captivates me and I can't wait for so many adventures.

Of course, my husband. My best friend. The one who will hold me hand and drag me through my "wall" during the Goofy Challenge, the one who will dry my tears at the end (because lets be honest... you KNOW I'm going to cry...) My husband is my favorite person to go on adventures with, and the adventure of Marathon training is surely one we will reminisce about for many years.

Question: Who is your favorite person to go on adventures with?

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Run Streaking - Week 2

Week two of the Runner's World Run Streak has ended, and here is how I feel.


Yeah, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I started out strong, and had crazy commitment. However, life with an infant has proven to be a little difficult in the running area. More often than not I've found myself running late at night. I remember one night last week, I came back in - absolutely exhausted. I was dehydrated from a full day of breastfeeding and taking care of little lady and I just was starting to get  worn down.  Not willing to back down on my commitment to run a mile every day from Memorial Day until the Fourth of July, I was ready to just do it. Push through the exhaustion, and crank out a mile no matter what.

However, the voice of reason (a.k.a. my husband) told me to not be afraid to take a break. He reminded me that I'm not running in the air conditioning, or in cool, low humidity circumstances. - I'm running OUTSIDE in South Florida.  He reminded me that taking care of our daughter is quite exhausting and that it was OKAY if I didn't run every day during the Runners World Run Streak.

So,... since I had a sore throat on Saturday, and was starting to feel like I might be getting sick, I took a break. I enjoyed the day with my family - and didn't miss running one bit. I took one more rest day on Sunday - just because we had church and then an event to go to. Now, I'm ready to begin week 3 of the run streak.

Question: Who or What is your voice of reason when training?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Erin's Thotful Spot: 1

The Explanation:

I've been playing around with the idea of posting a weekly inspirational quote. I have a lot of friends who do "motivation monday" and other similar weekly posts, and... yes, I could have linked up with them but I wanted to be different.

Soooo, it took me quite a while to come up with something that was meaningful to my story.

Then, as I was reminiscing about our trip to Walt Disney World, I remembered how much my daughter LOVED meeting Winnie the Pooh in real life. She has a stuffed Pooh toy that she LOVES, and I never imagined exactly how MUCH she would love meeting that silly old bear, but she did [please excuse that extended rabbit trail].

So, inspired by my daughter and her current love for pooh, I bring you "Erin's thotful spot". A weekly posting of an inspirational quote that has fueled or encouraged me throughout the week.

In case you missed it, here is a video of when our daughter met Winnie the Pooh for the first time at Disney. Truly, it was such a beautiful memory.

The Quote: June 7th, 2014
When I think about the beginning of Marathon Training, I start to get a little anxious. The thought of going on those long runs, and leaving our daughter with family makes me sad. Not that she will be with family, but that she won't be with me. These last few months of Maternity leave have been the longest / shortest best days of my life. 

This quote focuses me back on that goal I set February 2013. I said I'd run the Goofy Challenge, and 2015 is my year to achieve that goal! 

Connect: Does this motivate or inspire you? 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day, 2014!

It's National Running Day! A day where everyone (well maybe not everyone) grabs a pair of sneakers and heads out the door for a run!

Basically, it's a day to celebrate running!

I'm pretty sure I didn't run on National Running day last year, I had just recently found out I was pregnant, and had just gotten clearance to run. Fun fact, on National Running Day 2013 we had our first Ultrasound, her little beating heart was the most beautiful sound i'd ever heard.

So, to celebrate national running day I thought I'd share again my running story.

In January 2012, my husband and I had made a commitment to get healthy. We began walking around our local golf course with our two dogs each morning. We'd started to lose a few pounds and were motivated to continue.

One morning in March an older (large) man ran by us. I was so inspired (okay, I was totally embarrassed that I couldn't do that) that I took off running. I ran as fast as I could for as long as I could and when it was over ... I didn't hate it.

I'm pretty sure it was my first "runners high".

So excited about my new found ability to run, I told a co-worker all about it. She was excited for me, and encouraged me to register for the Expedition Everest Challenge. Reluctantly, we registered and did it!  (post here).

Completely hooked on running through my favorite place ever, I registered and trained for the Princess Half Marathon. Now that I was in love with running, I needed to complete the 13.1 distance! So, February 2013 I did it! (post here)

I'd also won an entry to the Clearwater Iron Girl half on a friends blog, so in April of 2013, I completed my second half marathon! (post here).

In April of 2013 we had our sights set on completing the Goofy Challenge in 2014, so we registered for goofy! We were going to run 39.3 miles in 2 days at Walt Disney World, Florida!

As you all know, I did not run the Goofy Challenge in January of 2014.

Instead, I gave birth to the most beautiful girl in the world. I do find it quite funny that I wrote THIS post, comparing nine months of pregnancy to the nine months I was going to train for the challenge.

You all know how I ran throughout my entire pregnancy (up to 37 weeks), and gave birth to the most beautiful girl in the world.  So I won't talk about running pregnant.

But, where are we now with my training? What are my next goals for running?

In 2014 I will continue to train for the Goofy Challenge (2015 edition). I'm turning 30 this year and I want to run a race for my birthday, but I haven't registered for one yet (It's not until December).

2016, i'd like to take a year off of Run Disney. It's quite expensive, and so I'd like to take a year and run some local races, and save up for 2017.

In 2017 we'd like to complete the coast to coast challenge! We are thinking about running the Star Wars Half in California and then the Wine and Dine half in Orlando for that year.

2018 will be our ten year wedding anniversary, and i'd LOVE to run the Honolulu Marathon.

Obviously, these goals are fluid and can be adjusted as needed. However, if you don't write down your goals, how can you keep yourself motivated to achieve them?

What is, or will be your running story?

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Streaking Week 1

It's the end of week 1 in the Runner's World Run Streak. I'm proud of my husband who decided he would join me in the streak. It has been just what I needed to get my booty in gear and ready for Marathon Training. I'll be starting Jeff Galloway's training plan on July 1.

Side note - July 1 is also the day I go back to work. [insert mixed bag of emotions here]

I've stayed under a 12 minute mile each day, and I was feeling a little disappointed in myself. THEN Timehop happened. I see a lot of people posting stuff from the application TimeHop, and I was curious what I posted a year ago, etc... So, I downloaded the app. 2 years ago I was posting (with delight) that I had maintained a 16 minute mile.

Now that I've picked myself up off the floor, I realized how thankful I should be. Just 2 years ago I ran my very first 5K, a little over 1 year ago I ran my first half marathon. I am new to running, and running has given me so much. Before I get too discouraged about a 12 minute mile (just 4 months after childbirth) I should put my running career into perspective, and be thankful for the gift running has given.

Running has not only improved my health but it has given me a new outlook on life, and through my improved health, a beautiful little girl. A little girl who has my whole heart, and inspires me to be a better wife to my husband and mom to her every single day - and she doesn't even talk yet!

So, thank you TimeHop. Sometimes we need a slap in the face to put us back into reality.

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