Saturday, June 28, 2014

Erin's thotful Spot 4: Baby Fever?

Hi Friends!

So, i'm not going to lie. I've had a bit of "baby fever" lately. Actually, ... since shortly after little lady was born.  Then, when some of our dear friends told us they were expecting it got even worse!

I even told my husband that I'd rather be pregnant than train for the Goofy Challenge [read, i'm terrified of the 39.3 challenge].


My sister had her baby on Monday. Little Miss is absolutely stunning. She's got the cutest little features, and the cutest peach fuzzy hair, and her olive complexion, and ... and.. and... then it happened.

We were talking on Skype with the new parents, listening to the excitement in her first hours of life and I heard it.

That "new baby - feed me - I just wanna be held by my mommy cry"

As beautiful as the cry is, I remembered my first days with little lady, and how exhausting they were and just like that, my baby fever was cured.

I have a beautiful 5 month old who (more often than not) sleeps through the night, takes 2 naps a day giggles constantly, and for all those things I am truly grateful!

Yes, I want another baby some day - but I can wait.

So, lets do this!

Goofy, I'm coming to conquer your challenge this January!!!

So,  now that I've admitted to the world my fear and anxiety of the Goofy Challenge I felt that this quote was most appropriate to capture my mood as I begin GOOFY training on Tuesday!

"If your dream doesn't scare you, it isn't big enough" 
Kristine K. Stevens

QOTD: What big event are you preparing for?

More from the thotful spot!

There will be days... 

Run when you can... 


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