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Erin's thotful Spot 8

Good Evening Friends.

I know all of you were just so disappointed when you logged into the computer and saw I hadn't posted anything sine last saturday... Right?

Okay - maybe not.

I was out late last night with some girl friends, celebrating an upcoming wedding - then today I spent the day running errands, playing with my baby and switching cell phone plans (super thrilling huh?)  Anyways ...

I forgot to post.  - until now. :)

As the temperatures continue to increase, and training becomes less and less easy. I am thankful for my husband. He's my number one fan when it comes to all things fitness and running, he encourages me, he motivates me and through it all, he loves me for all my crazy.

So, for today's quote - I give you one from my main man...

Just because you are not getting faster, doesn't mean you aren't getting stronger! 
Running in 100 degree temps is never easy, but I'm sure glad I have my husband to push me through. He truly is the greatest. 

Erin's thotful Spot 7

This week has been quite the challenge. Little Lady is in the midst of her first cold. I've already gotten to experience the joys of double ear infections, and now this?

The ear infections weren't too bad because I was still on maternity leave. But, nothing is worse than getting a call from day care that your baby has a fever and needs to be picked up immediately. 
Seriously... I thought Breastmilk was supposed to be liquid gold? 
It could very well be "liquid gold" right? I mean, maybe she would have been sick more often if she didn't get breastmilk... 
whatever - i ain't got time for thinking about that. 
Despite the lack of sleep happening in this household, we have done very well with our training, eating and other healthy choices (okay, I did eat more than half a bag of cookies last night - but I'm not perfect!) . 
So, for my thotful spot quote  I bring you one from Penelope Cruz it pretty much says exactly what I feel right now. 

Motherhood is truly …

Jamberry Nails and the Runner

A friend of mine is a Jamberry Consultant, and asked me if i'd be interested in doing a "Battle of the Hostesses" ONLINE party. Since I do love Jamberry, I thought to myself.
You should do this.

and I DID!

Now, this isn't a nail blog or a beauty blog BUT it is a blog about my life. So, I bring you... Jamberry and the Runner!

It is no secret that I'm currently in the midst of huge transitions, and I'm always busy. Between Marathon Training, working, being a mom, being a wife, trying to be a good sister / bridesmaid, and everything in between I never have time to do something that I love.

My nails.

[okay, that sounded lame - but it's the truth, I love pretty nails]

Sooo, enter Jamberry.

A few years ago I did a review for Jamberry and LOVED the quality of the product. I loved that it didn't chip, it wasn't complicated, and there was NO icky smelly chemicals involved. Back when I originally tried it, I wasn't a mom so the non-toxic part didn…

Thotful Spot 6

Hi Friends,

Here is how I feel after my second week back into the working world, and training for the Goofy's Race & a Half Challenge

Dory Image Source
Week 2 of being a working momma has ended, and between washing bottles, trying to keep up with laundry, training, snuggling my baby and trying to sleep... I'm exhausted! I'm working on finding a routine, but so far I just feel like a hot mess. 
So friends... time to just keep swimming... swimming, swimming. 
what do we do? - We SWIM!
QOTD: Am I alone with this whole feeling overwhelmed business? 

Erin's thotful spot 5

I'm feeling goofy!!! 

It's the end of week 1 of Goofy training, and my maternity leave has ended. 
If you've followed my running journey, you know that I'm a HUGE fan of Jeff Galloway and the Run-Walk-Run method of training. 
I was a little star struck in Feb of 2013 when I met him at the Princess half, he's so easy to talk to and genuine! 
So, in honor of his training plan and my first week back in the working world, I bring you my quote for the week. 
"Most people have the perception that you have to be out there for an hour of and a half every day. But you don't have to give up your career and family to run a marathon"  - Jeff Galloway
I'm so honored to have a supportive family, and a jogging stroller. ❤️ It's so nice to be able to take my girl with me on shorter runs and have family members near by willing to hang out with little lady so my husband and I can run long runs together. 
So thank you Jeff... I'm glad it's possible to do it all…