Saturday, July 26, 2014

Erin's thotful Spot 8

Good Evening Friends.

I know all of you were just so disappointed when you logged into the computer and saw I hadn't posted anything sine last saturday... Right?

Okay - maybe not.

I was out late last night with some girl friends, celebrating an upcoming wedding - then today I spent the day running errands, playing with my baby and switching cell phone plans (super thrilling huh?)  Anyways ...

I forgot to post.  - until now. :)

As the temperatures continue to increase, and training becomes less and less easy. I am thankful for my husband. He's my number one fan when it comes to all things fitness and running, he encourages me, he motivates me and through it all, he loves me for all my crazy.

So, for today's quote - I give you one from my main man...

Just because you are not getting faster, doesn't mean you aren't getting stronger! 

Running in 100 degree temps is never easy, but I'm sure glad I have my husband to push me through. He truly is the greatest. 

Question: Who inspires or motivates you during tough runs or fitnessey things? 

Other thotful Spots. 

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