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Marathon Training - Week 10!

Say what? I've been training for a Marathon for 10 weeks already???? Every time I think about it I get all emotional and teary eyed excited.

Weeks 1-9 were nothing special, I mean ... good runs, bad runs - just mostly getting into a routine of training as a full-time workin' momma.  I have the best husband (on the planet) - and he makes sure I'm well rested, and his mom (also amazing) ensures that I eat enough by her (several times weekly) rationale of "I've already cooked, you should stay and eat".  Sooooo yeah, I'm pretty spoiled.

Week 10.


We traveled north to visit my family last weekend, and since we wanted to spend as much time as possible with my family and my niece, we opted to save our 9-miler for Sunday. Well, ... after a weekend of drinking coffee, and enjoying yummy food, and other vacation-ey type things my husband and I got the bright idea to go running on Sunday afternoon at about 5 p.m.

5 p.m. in South Florida is possibly the WORST tim…

Marathon Training Update!

Well friends, I planned on giving weekly updates on Marathon training, and being all active on my blog - but it just didn't happen! haha

So, now that we are in the 7th week of Marathon Training I thought i'd give you a little update!

Post Pregnancy Training
I still feel like I'm getting to know my body, but I really can't complain. My pace is getting faster, and pushing the jogger is helping me get stronger! I have learned to listen to my body, and on days when I know I'm too tired, or could really benefit from rest, I rest.

Pushing a Jogger
I have a whole new respect for all Mother Runners. Pushing a jogger is not easy! Pushing a jogger in 90+ temps... I'm not ashamed to say that I get pretty excited after each run below the Disney 16 min pace that I run while pushing little lady in the jogger.

Cross Training? 
I've started doing PiYo and I love it!
The end.

I've been eating, eating, eating to keep up with my calories. To accommodate PiYo workouts,…




How are we approaching August? Seriously, HOW is it already August?

Okay, mild rant over.

I am proud to say that we have successfully completed 5 weeks of Marathon Training and so far, I'm still feeling fabulous!

Now that I am a mom, I seem to have less time to post thought provoking blog posts. So, in an effort to keep in touch with the blogging world I have created a Facebook page. Feel free to head over and "like" the page for more up-to-date info. :)

Currently I'm doing a push up challenge over there!