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Race Recap! Miami Children's 5K

I know, I know... this is a week late but I honestly have NOT had a moment to sit and type.  Not sure how, this happened but on Wednesday, we will be in the month of OCTOBER!


So, EVERY year that we've been running we run in the Miami Children's 5K. It's such a beautiful course, and the vibe of the run is just so wonderful! There are kids EVERYWHERE,  large groups running in support of children, strollers, kids, old people, young people... Just PEOPLE everywhere and it's fantastic!

This year was the first time we ran it with a stroller - hello crowded coral. :(

It was frustrating to get started, but we finally were able to break through the walkers, and get to running!

The race is 25.00, and has a great post race party, a nice shirt, medal and some other freebies in your bag (which is a drawstring back pack).

If you're in Miami in late september, I highly recommend this race. It's a family favorite!

What's a race (or activity) you LOVE to do every ye…

A First 5K for Little Lady

Official Time: 39:13
Pace: 12:39 per mile
Place: 70th out of 120 in my age group

We woke up bright and early for our first 5K with Little Lady. I understand there is a LOT of controversy about the whether or not jogging strollers should be allowed in races - and I admit, I've been one to complain about them in my way a time or two... But, can I be honest?

For a 5K, as long as you start in the back of the race I don't see a problem with bringing your family along for the run.  Because isn't running supposed to be fun? And don't we as parents want to encourage our children to be healthy, and lead by example?

I know, I know. ... SOME people are obnoxious with their strollers, I agree. But, for those of us who play nice and are out to truly enjoy a 5K with our family I hope we don't see too many of the local races cutting the stroller division.

The Course. 

The course begins at City Hall in Coral Gables, and you run through some beautiful neighborhoods and around a golf…