Sunday, September 7, 2014

A First 5K for Little Lady

Official Time: 39:13
Pace: 12:39 per mile
Place: 70th out of 120 in my age group

We woke up bright and early for our first 5K with Little Lady. I understand there is a LOT of controversy about the whether or not jogging strollers should be allowed in races - and I admit, I've been one to complain about them in my way a time or two... But, can I be honest?

For a 5K, as long as you start in the back of the race I don't see a problem with bringing your family along for the run.  Because isn't running supposed to be fun? And don't we as parents want to encourage our children to be healthy, and lead by example?

I know, I know. ... SOME people are obnoxious with their strollers, I agree. But, for those of us who play nice and are out to truly enjoy a 5K with our family I hope we don't see too many of the local races cutting the stroller division.

The Course. 

The course begins at City Hall in Coral Gables, and you run through some beautiful neighborhoods and around a golf course before ending back right at City Hall where you started. I've run this course a couple times, and each time I'm not sure if I love it or hate it. I think I'm somewhere in the middle, mostly because there is quite a bit of sunshine directly in your eyes when you hit mile 2, and that always annoys me.

The Amenities
We registered for this race about a year ago (crazy right?). During the early registration we paid 15 dollars and for our 15 dollars we received a tech shirt (mens and women's cut available), a medal, a bib, and a huge post race event with lots of food, bounce houses and fun for the whole family.

My Run
I felt super slow, mostly because Sr. Speedy Pants (my husband) took off with the stroller and I couldn't seem to keep up. SO, I stuck with what I was comfortable with (2 min run, 1 min walk), pushed it where I could and then at mile 2, I took over the stroller and ran it in.

Much to my surprise, we'd broken a 40 minute 5k.

I'm not a sprinter. 5k's are really weird and hard for me,  I always feel like I can't get going so anything under 40 minutes always feels good to me.

Would I run it again? I might. If I could register for 15.00 again, i'd do it.

Question of the Day: Should Jogging Strollers be allowed in 5K's?

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