Saturday, November 8, 2014

Diabetes Awareness & My Second Baby

I It's no secret that with my first pregnancy I was crushed when I developed Gestational Diabetes. 

How can a woman who eats chicken and veggies for lunch almost every day, who exercises, who only drinks water develop gestational diabetes? 

It hurt. 

Now that I'm expecting again my risk of GD is back and with this pregnancy all I want is donuts, and ice cream and sweets. 

It's kind of ridiculous. 

So, last Thursday I was super nervous for my Glucose Tolerance Test. 

I drank the glucola, held it together begging my body 1) to not send me straight to the bathroom to puke it all out and 2) process the sugar so I can say goodbye to GD for this pregnancy. 

I didn't have any confidence that I passed. I was miserable, I was nauseated, I was thirsty for water, I just didn't think I passed it.

My Doctor told me she also wasn't sure I'd passed because I spilled a lot of sugars in my urine sample, so I told her she could call me at any time with the results. 

I went to work and told my supervisor I didn't think I passed and would most likely need half a day next week for the 3 hour glocuse test. 

Friday afternoon came and (of course) right as I'm going through security at the airport my Doctor calls. 

When I'm finally able to listen to the voicemail I hear... 

"I have great news - you passed!!!" 

I was thrilled. 

Things are looking up for this pregnancy, if only I could stop with the morning sickness.

For real. 

Question: have you ever been screened for Diabetes? 

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