Monday, December 29, 2014

13.1 X 2 Review!

Hello Friends!

I'm finally ready to talk about my husband and I's double half marathon weekend! If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw that for our 6th wedding anniversary we decided to complete two half marathons in 1 weekend.

Our Schedule:

12/20 - Happy Anniversary!!!!

  • 10a - drop off Little Lady
  • 10:30a - drive to Palm Coast, FL 
  • Lunch time - Panera Bread, and a quick trip to Kohls for a car charger
  • 4:30p - Packet Pick up! 
  • 6:00p - Starlight Half Marathon!!
  • 9:15p - Starlight Half Marathon completed
  • 10:00p - McDonalds Cheeseburger
  • 11:30p - Arrive in Central Florida 
12/21 - Half Marathon 2
  • 4:30a - Alarm goes off...
  • 5:15a - Leave for Mount Dora
  • 5:45a - Packet Pick Up!!
  • 6:00a - Meet some AWESOME RunDisney people from an Online RunDisney Forum (shout out to RtD) 
  • 7:00a - Mount Dora Half Marathon
  • 11:00a - Mount Dora Half Marathon completed
  • 11:20a - The biggest serving of iHOP food I've ever eaten... 
  • 12:00p - Shower / Stretch / Nap
  • 3:00p - Drive to Disney
  • 4:00p- Check into Allstar Music
  • 4:30p - Explore Disney
  • 9:00p - Dinner at Beaches and Cream 
  • 11:00p - Goodnight Moon 

Okay, now that you've seen the schedule here's my recap! 

Starlight Half Marathon

The Course:
  • I loved it! It was so lovely, and there were so many Christmas Lights, and other festive decorations throughout the course. 
  • The only negative was the course was VERY dark at parts. ... VERY dark. 
The Amenities:
  • Shirt (long-sleeved)
  • Medal (large size)
  • Beer / Hot Chocolate
  • Snack after the race
The Volunteers / Directors:
  • Fabulous! Honestly, there was a great support system from the local police, and just locals. Everyone was so positive and encouraging - it was wonderful! 
Considerations for next year? 
  • more bathrooms (this preggo was in desperate need of a potty!)
Would you run it again? 
  • I think so, I really enjoyed the course and the support from the volunteers and coordinators. 
Time: 3:18:50 (~15:00 min mile pace)

The Mount Dora Half Marathon

The Course: 
  • Really pretty
  • Too many hills 
  • Seriously... like Florida MOUNTAINS
The Amenities:
  • Tech Shirt
  • Snacks
  • Fuel Station 
  • Water Bottles at the finish
  • Advil at the finish (if desired)
  • Nice medal with spinning rocking chair
  • Bag with race logo 
Volunteers / Coordinators:
  • Wonderful! 
    • I truly felt that the people organizing the event truly enjoyed watching others run, and were so encouraging throughout the race. There was also a lot of support from the local police station, also very encouraging! 
Considerations for next year?
  • Couldn't think of any... 
Would I run it again? 
  • If I was in the area, i'd do it again - but NOT after 3 hours of sleep.... 
Time: 4:00 hours (~18 min mile)

What went wrong? 

Well, due to the lack of sleep, lack of proper hydration and food I got a cramp. Since I'm pregnant, I'm really sensitive to any discomfort (especially in my side or abdomen) so we decided to walk for the first mile or so. 

That's not a problem, but... it was a little chilly out and with already sore muscles and hills - we got cold and tight. Therefore, it was near impossible for us to get warmed up. I finally got my stride for a few miles, but I was cold, stiff and not feeling very well so it was tough. 

In tears I turned the corner towards the finish line - I've never felt worse approaching a finish line and hope to never make such poor choices again. 

Half Marathon #4 is in the books, and I'm looking forward to sharing some of the lessons learned and how I will manage the hit my pride took as I prepare for the Goofy Challenge next weekend! 

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Storybook Christmas Eve - Noche Buena!

About 3 years ago I was commenting to my husband that I wanted a tradition for us! 

Since his family had Noche Buena and my family does Christmas morning breakfast. We created Christmas Eve Brunch. 

Each year Chris and I make festive foods (different each year), we drink coffee, open gifts and watch It's a Wonderful Life.

We combined my traditional Christmas breakfast and my husbands most favorite Christmas movie into our own celebration. 

This years menu: 
- snowman cheese sticks 
- tuna stuffed cucumbers
- fruit 
- monkey bread 
- vegetables and hummus
- chicken and broccoli stuffed croissants 

After the festivities we took a glorious 2 hour nap then made our way over to Chris' parents for the traditional Cuban Christmas Eve dinner. 

The Menu: 
- pork 
- yuca
- congri (rice and beans mixed) 
- plantains
- conquito (Puerto Rican Egg Nog)

Little lady enjoyed open the presents and playing with all her new toys (okay, really she wanted to eat that candy cane)  

Later this evening we will join some friends at their church for a midnight Church Service. 

I trust all are having a beautiful Christmas!

Question: what do you eat on Christmas or Christmas Eve? 

Monday, December 22, 2014

Goofy 2015 - Are you ready?

May 2014
Before this weekend, I was SUPER confident. I was sure I could totally run 39.3 miles without a problem.  Then,... the weekend happened. 

I plan to do a full re-cap from each race, complete with all the bruised toe, broken toenail & leg cramping details. Seriously... my feet are in rough shape. However, I need to fully internalize what went wrong, what went right and WHAT I am going to do to fix it. 

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this Goofy Challenge, then I dug up these pictures from Little Lady's first trip to Disney. I felt inspired, and will do the race - I will do my best because the lesson I want to pass on is, work hard, do your best and don't give up for fear of being swept! 

May 2014, Epcot
Question: Has fear of being swept ever caused you to second guess your training, and possibly back out of a race? 

Saturday, December 20, 2014

2190 Days.

Six years, 2 homes, 2 dogs, 2 baby girls... What's in store for the next six years???? 

2 boys?  

"We're still havin' fun and your still the one."

Happy Anniversary ❤️

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

11 months!

Our little lady is 11 months now. She's walking, talking (a few words), giving kisses, chasing the dogs, teething, laughing and stealing hearts. 

So thankful for her and the joy she brings to our family. ❤️

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Half of a Lifetime and Half Marathons!

This Saturday my love and I celebrate 6 years of marriage. It's hard to believe that the suuuuuuuper shy young man with the biggest eyes I'd ever seen is mine. That New Years weekend we said goodbye to the 90's and I said Hello to my future (or was it 2000?) regardless ... I still remember being fascinated with him, I wanted to be his friend more than anything! 

I'm thankful he finally allowed me to be his friend, and eventually build a fairytale together. 
(Our honeymoon, 12/08)

So how do two people who have been crazy about each other for literally half of their lives celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary? 

Well, we *gulp* drop our baby off at abuelos house (try not to cry) and head out for a weekend of back-to-back half Marathons!!!!!!

This is to help get us ready for being at start lines in back-to-back days, and who doesn't  want to earn bling for their anniversary?! 

Any tips for back-to-back races?? 

Friday, December 12, 2014

"Morning Sickness" & A Marathon

Well friends, I'm almost 21 weeks along and happy to report its been 5 days since  I last spent a good portion of my day "tossing my cookies" 

So thankful for that.

Due to said "morning sickness" a.k.a. All day sickness... I haven't been able to train as well as I wanted too for the goofy challenge.

We are less than a month away from the race and I'm so excited! Although I don't feel as though I trained as well as I should have, I know I can do it! 

I've been focussing on one step at a time... I'm not going to think about running 39.3 miles, only taking one step at a time. 

Shout out to Corral O! 

Question: how do you handle set backs in your health or fitness goals? 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Some days are long but...

These are the best days... 

Because there is nothing like coming home from a long day in the office and having a helper when you need to prepare dinner. 

And there's nothing like having a baby crawl into your lap and fall asleep. 

Hang in there moms... The days are long, but the time is short. On Sunday our little lady will be 11 months old and I'm pretty sure it was only yesterday they shipped me out of the hospital in 40 degree (freezing) weather with a 5 pound bundle of love. 

Hang in there. 


Saturday, December 6, 2014

That day I turned 30...

Firstly, I am very loved and very blessed. 
But, instead of typing a post, I thought I'd share my day in pictures for you. 

Today we celebrated my sister in laws wedding with a bridal shower and I was responsible for the decor. So, a few months ago I made a plan, then ordered the flowers. This morning, we went to pick them up. 

I learned how to "condition" hydrangeas so they'd last and with the help of my love, put together a fabulously decorated bridal shower. 

note: even though it is my birthday, the roses were orange - the brides favorite color, not pink. (#morepinkplease) 
Our guestbook was the letter "Z" and everyone signed it with a bright blue pen. I thought it looked snazzy. 

Me & my chi (the one that's broken!), me and the bride-to-be & the bride-to-be with her momma! 

Home at last in my yoga pants, spending time with my loves. Little Lady and I playing with our barn yard friends, catching up on the voice and a little frozen pizza for dinner. 

What's in the Ulta bag you ask??? 
A pink and gold chi! ❤️ my hair will be easy to maintain once again!!!! Thank you to my momma in law and sister for the gift cards! I'd posted this online earlier this week and tonight I brought it home!!!  

Thanks again for all the birthday love, I truly feel so blessed and excited for what my 30's will bring! 


Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bump date!

We are approaching the 1/2 way point of my pregnancy with baby #2! 

I can't believe in about 20 weeks she will be here!!!! 

So, since I haven't really posted (or taken) any bump pics, I thought I'd share one from after my appointment today. 

- 19 weeks & 4 days 
- weight gain -6 pounds (gained 1 back this month, hopefully I won't start to lose again) 
- blood pressure normal 
- glucose levels normal

- like a zombie (I guess you'd call that fatigue)
- I don't have nausea all the time, but I do have random times when I just throw up... It's awful!

- sweets!!!! 
- peanut butter 

- eggs (thought, sight, smell, etc...) 
- green onions 

Looking forward too? 
- identifying a name
- ultrasound at week 23
- goofy challenge training to be over!!! 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Goofy Mommy - Update!

Our little lady hasn't been feeling well this week, so today I took the day off of work to stay home and be mom. Poor thing is having tummy troubles - but thankfully she's still so happy. Anyway, while she rests I thought I'd take advantage and give a little update on my training for Goofy.

In case you have no idea what Goofy is (other than a dog-like character beloved by Disney fans young and old), let me explain. 

The Goofy Challenge is hosted each January during Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World, Florida.  The challenge is to run 13.1 miles on Saturday and then 26.2 miles on Sunday for a grand total of 39.3 miles of magical fun! 

We are literally days away from receiving our corral placements and bibs and I'm in total shock. I feel so under trained. 

I've kept up with my running all throughout my pregnancy but I'm SO slow now - and struggle to run more than about 3-4 miles without needing to empty my bladder (thank you Baby #2). 

So, here's the deal. 

1) I'm completing the Goofy Challenge. I know I can do it, and I will do it. I will cross the finish line with my love, and cry an unreasonable amount of tears.  Why? because I have determination and support. 

Now, there's the whole morning sickness and pregnancy thing. ... 

Lately I've had to vomit during my long runs. ... So sad, so gross - I know. 

So, I think it's because my tummy gets too empty. In order to fix that, I've decided to start training with nuts and pretzels again. I'm hoping the real food will stick better than the gels, gu's and gummy bears. My OB would prefer I use real food anyway. So,.... that's my plan. I have a few more long runs to get that all straightened out. 

My plan. 

Saturday - 13.1 miles. 
I have NO idea what to wear - my compression shorts squeeze the baby too close to my bladder and I have to use the bathroom WAY too often - so, I'm thinking a looser pair of shorts and a shirt for the half. I might make a tutu, because running with a tutu is way better than just some shorts. 

Any suggestions? 

I've been doing the 1:00 min walk with 1:00 min run really well. I'm able to maintain a good pace with bathroom breaks will totally finish with plenty of time to spare. 

Sunday - 26.2 miles. 
Same deal... not sure what to wear... 

I'm going to stick with the 1/1 ratio for as long as I can, take walk breaks when I need too and do my best.  

I have an appointment this week, so I'll fill you in on my pregnancy at a later post. The short story is... I'm still running, and I'm still sick. Also, it's another girl. :) 

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