Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bump date!

We are approaching the 1/2 way point of my pregnancy with baby #2! 

I can't believe in about 20 weeks she will be here!!!! 

So, since I haven't really posted (or taken) any bump pics, I thought I'd share one from after my appointment today. 

- 19 weeks & 4 days 
- weight gain -6 pounds (gained 1 back this month, hopefully I won't start to lose again) 
- blood pressure normal 
- glucose levels normal

- like a zombie (I guess you'd call that fatigue)
- I don't have nausea all the time, but I do have random times when I just throw up... It's awful!

- sweets!!!! 
- peanut butter 

- eggs (thought, sight, smell, etc...) 
- green onions 

Looking forward too? 
- identifying a name
- ultrasound at week 23
- goofy challenge training to be over!!! 

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