Sunday, December 14, 2014

Half of a Lifetime and Half Marathons!

This Saturday my love and I celebrate 6 years of marriage. It's hard to believe that the suuuuuuuper shy young man with the biggest eyes I'd ever seen is mine. That New Years weekend we said goodbye to the 90's and I said Hello to my future (or was it 2000?) regardless ... I still remember being fascinated with him, I wanted to be his friend more than anything! 

I'm thankful he finally allowed me to be his friend, and eventually build a fairytale together. 
(Our honeymoon, 12/08)

So how do two people who have been crazy about each other for literally half of their lives celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary? 

Well, we *gulp* drop our baby off at abuelos house (try not to cry) and head out for a weekend of back-to-back half Marathons!!!!!!

This is to help get us ready for being at start lines in back-to-back days, and who doesn't  want to earn bling for their anniversary?! 

Any tips for back-to-back races?? 

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