Saturday, December 6, 2014

That day I turned 30...

Firstly, I am very loved and very blessed. 
But, instead of typing a post, I thought I'd share my day in pictures for you. 

Today we celebrated my sister in laws wedding with a bridal shower and I was responsible for the decor. So, a few months ago I made a plan, then ordered the flowers. This morning, we went to pick them up. 

I learned how to "condition" hydrangeas so they'd last and with the help of my love, put together a fabulously decorated bridal shower. 

note: even though it is my birthday, the roses were orange - the brides favorite color, not pink. (#morepinkplease) 
Our guestbook was the letter "Z" and everyone signed it with a bright blue pen. I thought it looked snazzy. 

Me & my chi (the one that's broken!), me and the bride-to-be & the bride-to-be with her momma! 

Home at last in my yoga pants, spending time with my loves. Little Lady and I playing with our barn yard friends, catching up on the voice and a little frozen pizza for dinner. 

What's in the Ulta bag you ask??? 
A pink and gold chi! ❤️ my hair will be easy to maintain once again!!!! Thank you to my momma in law and sister for the gift cards! I'd posted this online earlier this week and tonight I brought it home!!!  

Thanks again for all the birthday love, I truly feel so blessed and excited for what my 30's will bring! 


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