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Spartan Up! *Give-Away Closed!*


I was contacted by the Spartan Race and asked to help spread the word about two exciting things!

Who likes PODCASTS?

On January 6th of 2015, Spartan Race CEO launched a PODCAST. Currently there are 13 episodes and can be found online on the iTunes store or at

Joe De Sena, founder and CEO of Spartan Race and NY Times best-selling author, travels the globe seeking answers from experts. He interviews with authors, academics, athletes, adventurers, CEO and  thought leaders to shift your thinking, make you laugh and applicable life lessons.

His mission? He wants to find the secrets to success in all aspects of life.

What makes these podcasts unique? After the interview he brings together a panel to break down and analyze the interviews.

I personally haven't made it all the way through the series. However, I did listen to the podcast with Angela Duckworth on Grit and found it to be really interesting!

If you don't have time to listen to the…

Stuck on the Couch?

So, after the Goofy Challenge I got really sick and wasn't able to run. I'm all better now and entering the last bit of my pregnancy (13 weeks to go) so I wanted to do an easy to follow program that would get me and my baby bump out the door! 
A couple of my FB friends are using the Couch 2 5k app and I'd be lying if I said I wasnt inspired.
So, I downloaded the app on my phone (p.s. It's free) and will be starting the program tonight!! 
The program is 8 weeks long and since everything is progressing normally and I'm currently still all clear to run I am looking forward to the training. 
Maybe my husband will let me sign up for an actual 5k in 8 weeks?
Will you join me in my training? 
Note: if pregnant or not, you should always consult your physician before starting a fitness program.

Are Children a Blessing?

Psalm 127:3"Children are a blessing, and a gift from the Lord"  -CEV
The bible is pretty clear that they are, but after 1-year of motherhood, do I believe it to be true? 
Being Little Lady's mom hasn't always been easy, it's hard to feel "blessed" of the Lord when you've been projectile vomited on countless times for 7 months straight. 
It's hard to feel "blessed" when you've been sick for your entire second pregnancy. 
But then, there are moments when it all becomes clear that maybe, just maybe the Bible is true. 
The other day I was really sick and after holding it together for my daughters lunch, I cleaned her up and ran to the bathroom. 
The scene, I'm crying, I'm puking, the dogs are barking, little lady is climbing on top of me desperate to be held. 
With all my strength, I pick her up and finish puking and it happens... 
She pats me on the back, and then gives me a kiss. As if to say "I love you mommy, feel better"…

Why Goofy During Pregnancy?

If you are new to my blog, and only reading about my Marathon Weekend Adventures (Parts 1, 2, & 3) You might think I'm a little crazy and you know what, that's okay.

So, here I am. Answering the question that I've gotten already a few times, and if someone has actually asked me - chances are there are people who are thinking it, but not asking.

So, why goofy?  Why accept the challenge to run 39.3 miles at 25 weeks pregnant?

Medical Clearance.
Let's start here. My Doctor said I could... Now, I am NOT a medical professional, I am a mom-blogger who loves to run. My doctor cleared me to continue training and to run the Goofy Challenge. I reviewed all my fuels with her, my run/walk intervals and I promised that if at any time I were to get a cramp, felt weak, dizzy or any other symptoms of an injury or dehydration I would stop.   I was very open and honest with my doctor about my training - and very grateful for her support.

January 2013
Take a walk down memory lane wit…

WDW Marathon Weekend - Mickey's Marathon

Hello Friends,

Welcome to Part 3 of my WDW Marathon Weekend Recaps!!!!
In case you need to catch up here are the links.

Part 1 - Expo / Kids Races
Part 2 - Donalds 13.1 

If you read part 1 of my posts, you know how I've been thinking about this race since before I even ran my first 1/2 Marathon. That's right, before I even ran the Princess Half  I had decided that I wanted to run the biggest, baddest, RunDisney race (at the time) of them all!!

Goofy's Race & a Half Challenge! 

Of course, since then RunDisney has added the Dopey Challenge - so Goofy isn't as highly recognized as being a big deal... but... Mr. Goof' I think your race is pretty sweet, and to be honest... Even just part of the Goofy Challenge is pretty tough - and something you have to train for.

But ... enough babble - let me actually talk about the race.

The Night Before
The night before the race we had dinner with our families (yep.. OUR families) So, my Mother, Father, Sister and Brother in law. Al…

WDW Marathon Weekend - Donald's Half Marathon

Welcome to part 2 of my WDW Marathon Weekend Recaps!!

In case you missed part one, here's a link!  WDW Marathon Weekend - Kids Races & Expo

Now, onto the WDW Half Marathon Recap!!!

The night before the race we had a dinner at Chef Mickey's,  and spent some time organizing our outfits and getting ready. I was pretty nervous, but I was in good company. My husband also had a little bit of nerves to deal with.  I hadn't really thought about the distance we were going to be running over the next two days, I was just focused on finishing.

The alarm went off bright and early at 2:40 a.m., and suddenly... our daughter began to cry.  Not a simple sleepy whimper, but .. like actual giant tears. My husband and I took turns getting ready and holding her, trying to soothe her tears - but her diaper had leaked so we had to get her cleaned up and back into some dry clothes. As you can imagine, she was NOT impressed.

My husband takes over the diaper duty while I go grab a bottle of mi…

WDW Marathon Weekend: Kids Races and Expo Fun!

Welcome to Recap 1 of one of the most exciting weekends EVER!!

My husband and I started our health Journey in January of 2012. We began by simply tracking our calories on MyFitnessPal , walking and drinking more water. I started running one morning when I was embarrassed that an older larger man could run and I couldn't. So, I took off and ran too. Surprisingly... I didn't hate it!

So excited about my new found form of exercise I told a co-worker who then encouraged me to run the Everest Challenge!  We ran the challenge in May of 2012 and from the moment we were hooked on running   crossing finish lines.

January 2013 we attended the WDW Marathon Weekend (ran the 5K). Marathon Weekend is so inspiring, I hadn't even run a 1/2 Marathon yet and I told my husband (and announced on Social Media) that in 2014 I was going to run the Goofy Challenge.

Obviously, the Lord had other plans and instead of running the Goofy Challenge in January of 2014, I was deferring the challenge to w…

Little Lady's Birth Story (Warning: TMI Post)

I wrote this post a year ago, and wasn't sure if I would post it. BUT, as we celebrate one year with our Little Lady, I felt ready to share our story of induction.  Recaps from my Marathon will begin either late this week or over the weekend, but for now.. enjoy.

January 10th,  This is the day that I was "supposed" to be giving birth. Due to a Policy enforcement from the Hospital, my OB was not able to induce me before 39 weeks. Since, I was 39 weeks on Sunday I had to wait. ... 
Not really a big deal except my OB was going to be out of the office during my 39th week. Therefore, the baby would be delivered by a different doctor. 
When I got the news of this Wednesday evening, I cried. I'd spent my whole pregnancy going over EVERY detail with my OB. I was comfortable with her, and was just ready to bring Baby Jimenez into the world with her help. 
I nervously waited to meet the new doctor, and was pleasantly surprised when I actually felt a sense of peace upon meeting …

'Twas the week before the Marathon!

Friends,  It feels like forever ago I forked over the big bucks to register myself and Prince Charming for the Goofy Challenge!!
Of course, I forked it over twice - then waited for-EVER for Disney to refund me. 
Thanks deferral process. 😉
Anyway, ready or not - the time has come. 
I was supposed to run 10 miles tonight, but Mr. Charming has some sort of stomach bug and has been in bed ALL day. Little Lady is teething and I'm not sure I remember the last time I slept more than an hour without being woken up. 
So, on the week before my first Marathon... Here's what I did. 
A trip to CVS was in order. 
I needed some pepto for my love and while I was there I picked up some Disney essentials. (Bags to fill with ice, moleskin, emergenC & toothpaste!) 
We came home and little lady and I read books, watched some YouTube and then around 11:40... She fell asleep!!!!! 
During that glorious hour I was able to gather all the dirty laundry, put away our hanging clothes, organize all my clothes -…

What's new in 2015?

2015 is here!! 
As 2015 approaches, here a couple things I am looking forward to this year. 
Completing the Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World. That's right, I want to complete the 39.3 mile challenge, and claim that beautiful bling and join the ranks of a select group on people who have completed a Marathon (all while being pregnant - because I'm slightly crazy GOOFY!)
I'm looking forward to welcoming Baby 2 this April! I've been working on pulling out all the tiny baby girl stuff, and organizing it - anything to help get ready for baby girl, and also keep my mind busy. Every time I have a spare minute I start to panic about the Goofy Challenge... yikes! 
I'm also looking forward too... Reading more books with Little LadySleeping less (wait? not really!)More home cooked meals More Yoga pants / less heels Potty Training Weaning a baby off of a pacifierMore laughing and most of all, ... I'm looking forward to transitioning into the role of Stay at HOME Mom!!!!