Monday, January 26, 2015

Are Children a Blessing?

Psalm 127:3
"Children are a blessing, and a gift from the Lord"  -CEV

The bible is pretty clear that they are, but after 1-year of motherhood, do I believe it to be true? 

Being Little Lady's mom hasn't always been easy, it's hard to feel "blessed" of the Lord when you've been projectile vomited on countless times for 7 months straight. 

It's hard to feel "blessed" when you've been sick for your entire second pregnancy. 

But then, there are moments when it all becomes clear that maybe, just maybe the Bible is true. 

The other day I was really sick and after holding it together for my daughters lunch, I cleaned her up and ran to the bathroom. 

The scene, I'm crying, I'm puking, the dogs are barking, little lady is climbing on top of me desperate to be held. 

With all my strength, I pick her up and finish puking and it happens... 

She pats me on the back, and then gives me a kiss. As if to say "I love you mommy, feel better" 

So, yes. 

I DO believe the Bible to be true.

The gift of children isn't easy, but it certainly is a blessing from the Lord. 

I'm so thankful for her love and kindness. I am also thankful that she didn't get sick and join me (seriously, that'd be awful). 

To my friends and readers who may be dealing with this awful thing called "morning sickness", hang in there momma, it gets better. 

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