Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Stuck on the Couch?

So, after the Goofy Challenge I got really sick and wasn't able to run. I'm all better now and entering the last bit of my pregnancy (13 weeks to go) so I wanted to do an easy to follow program that would get me and my baby bump out the door! 

A couple of my FB friends are using the Couch 2 5k app and I'd be lying if I said I wasnt inspired.

So, I downloaded the app on my phone (p.s. It's free) and will be starting the program tonight!! 

The program is 8 weeks long and since everything is progressing normally and I'm currently still all clear to run I am looking forward to the training. 

Maybe my husband will let me sign up for an actual 5k in 8 weeks?

Will you join me in my training? 

Note: if pregnant or not, you should always consult your physician before starting a fitness program. 
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