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Bumpdate - 30 weeks

Today was the day.  My three hour Glucose screening. I woke up on time, but feeling a little ill. I find it highly unfair that at 30.5 weeks pregnant I'm still dealing with morning sickness. - anyway - 
We left the house a few minutes late and hit crazy traffic. By the time we arrived I was still nauseated, frustrated and my head hurt. 
They did the first draw (of 4) and I went upstairs to see my doctor. My blood pressure was normal, I gained 2 pounds (total weight gain, 7 lbs) and the heart rate was in the 130s for baby girl. ❤️ 
My husband asked me if I wanted him and our daughter to stay for the second blood draw before going to the park and Starbucks, and since I was still feeling a little icky I said yes, and was enjoying the company.
Our little lady was looking at the fish, and then... I get that feeling... 
Have you ever felt your mouth sweat? What about your entire body sweat all at once? 
I have. 
I jump out of my chair and literally run to the bathroom. Crying my eyes out, I th…

My Valentine

To my Valentine,

Somewhere between throwing balls of paper into your backwards visor from Florida to North Carolina, splashing silverware into the bucket through the window of the kitchen and pretending to have the slightest interest in guitar and Third Day... we fell in love.

By the tender age of 15, I'd made up my mind that there was no one else in the world I wanted to spend my life with than you.

Over 15 years later, you are still the one.

Not only do you make me smile, but you make me giggle.

You are my best friend. The one I share my hopes and dreams with, the one who wipes my tears and my favorite Disney buddy. 
Your love, kindness and respect for me never goes unnoticed, and my hope and prayer is that you feel my love and respect in return. 
Happy Valentines Day my love, thanks for making every day feel like an adventure. 

7 Training & Motivational Tips from Jeff Galloway

I am SO excited to announce that I have been selected to participate in Jeff Galloway's blogger program. I was first introduced to Jeff during the WDW Everest Challenge at Disney. It was my first 5K, and I loosely followed one of his training plans. 

I then followed his training plan to complete my first ever Half Marathon in February of 2013 (Princess Half) Of course, when it was time to train for the WDW Goofy Challenge, Jeff Galloway was my go-to-guy for training plans! (You can read about it here)

Now that I've established, I'm pretty much the number 1 fan. You might still be wondering WHO IS JEFF GALLOWAY??? 

1972 U.S. Olympian, Jeff Galloway can be referred to as "America's Coach", he has helped thousands of people (just like me) train and accomplish running goals with his proven Run-Walk-Run method. Check out his website for additional information. 

On a personal note, he and his wife were among the first two people to know about Baby #2 (sorry mom!) My hu…

The results are in...

Friends, The results of my Glucose Tolerance test have come back and sadly, I did not pass. 
I will be taking the 3 hour Glucose Test soon, but in the meantime and now that my sisters wedding is over, I have started to eat a more diabetic friendly menu. 
No more cupcakes to share with little lady...😔 I found out I'd failed the 1 hour GTT on Wednesday, but with all the wedding prep and the actual big day this weekend, I'd decided I was going to eat and enjoy myself, obviously I kept a close eye on fetal movement, obsessed about drinking water and making some healthy choices. 
The baby moves and moves and moves all day long, much like her sister did. She even kicked hard enough for her Tita to feel her on Saturday. 
So, here we go again... We are on the road to figuring out if I have Gestational Diabetes again and if yes, what is our plan to manage blood sugars without medical interventions. 
What are your favorite high protein, low carb menu options?

Bump Date!! - Week 28

Happy Monday Friends!

Hard to believe that I'm already 28 weeks pregnant, feels like yesterday I was hearing the news that our family would be expanding.

If you missed my previous bump date, week 20 was the last time I posted about it.


28 weeks alonggained 5 poundsblood pressure, perfectly normalFeelings Fatigue Seriously, I can't stay awake... I have been napping when little lady naps. Morning SicknessSlowed down (thank the Lord!) ExcitedI've been organizing the clothes, and making a list of things I'd like to pick up for the baby.We were given some newborn size diapers on Wednesday, and that got me REALLY excited to meet our little love bug. Cravings Anything sweet sounds good. Barbecue. ... so strange. I went to the grocery store and bought three bottles of barbecue sauce... what? hahaAversions I'm still a little finicky with eggs, but I did manage to cook eggs, feed eggs to my daughter AND myself the other day. 
Running I was so excited to be able to complete th…