Monday, February 2, 2015

Bump Date!! - Week 28

Happy Monday Friends!

Hard to believe that I'm already 28 weeks pregnant, feels like yesterday I was hearing the news that our family would be expanding.

If you missed my previous bump date, week 20 was the last time I posted about it.


  • 28 weeks along
  • gained 5 pounds
  • blood pressure, perfectly normal
  • Fatigue 
    • Seriously, I can't stay awake... I have been napping when little lady naps. 
  • Morning Sickness
    • Slowed down (thank the Lord!) 
  • Excited
    • I've been organizing the clothes, and making a list of things I'd like to pick up for the baby.
    • We were given some newborn size diapers on Wednesday, and that got me REALLY excited to meet our little love bug. 
  • Anything sweet sounds good. 
  • Barbecue. ... so strange. 
    • I went to the grocery store and bought three bottles of barbecue sauce... what? haha
  • I'm still a little finicky with eggs, but I did manage to cook eggs, feed eggs to my daughter AND myself the other day. 

Looking Forward To

  • Seeing little lady and love bug interact 
  • Paternity Leave? 
    • Is that allowed? lol I'm really looking forward to my husband being home with us for a few weeks after the baby comes. 
  • Baby girl
What are your favorite healthy desserts? 
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