Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bumpdate - 30 weeks

Today was the day.  My three hour Glucose screening. I woke up on time, but feeling a little ill. I find it highly unfair that at 30.5 weeks pregnant I'm still dealing with morning sickness. - anyway - 

We left the house a few minutes late and hit crazy traffic. By the time we arrived I was still nauseated, frustrated and my head hurt. 

They did the first draw (of 4) and I went upstairs to see my doctor. My blood pressure was normal, I gained 2 pounds (total weight gain, 7 lbs) and the heart rate was in the 130s for baby girl. ❤️ 

My husband asked me if I wanted him and our daughter to stay for the second blood draw before going to the park and Starbucks, and since I was still feeling a little icky I said yes, and was enjoying the company.

Our little lady was looking at the fish, and then... I get that feeling... 

Have you ever felt your mouth sweat? What about your entire body sweat all at once? 

I have. 

I jump out of my chair and literally run to the bathroom. Crying my eyes out, I threw up. 

I proceeded to vomit 4 times. 

With tears in my eyes and mascara smudged all over my face, I walk to the front desk and tell them what happened. 

"The test is now invalid, I need to call your doctor" 

I felt like I was being sent to the principals office. I felt like I'd let my husband down... 

I felt awful. 

Still in tears I face my husband in the waiting room...

"What's wrong" he asks... 

I told him the story and very compassionately he says "it's okay..." And we sat in silence. 

The nurse came out and told me to go back and talk to my doctor and reschedule. 

Tears and disbelief as we went back upstairs... 

I ring the bell and the receptionist says "oh sweetheart, come have a seat - she knows what happened." 

So we waited.

Between appointments my OB stopped by and asked if I thought I could re-test on Thursday or Friday. I looked at her and (still misty-eyed) said "please don't make me drink that Glucola again, I just can't" 

She agreed to let me test my blood sugars for a week and report back. As much as I hated pricking my fingers and testing my blood, It was the best option for me. 

I'm still throwing up and the thought of ever drinking Glucola again makes me ill. So, yes... I will test my sugars and pray all is well. 

After that whole mess, we decided to go get some cheeseburgers and walk around a local outdoor mall for some fresh air. 

It was lovely being with my family, and shopping for my girls. During the afternoon my husband did his PIYO and then took our daughter with him for a run. 

We then all took a long afternoon nap. I'm still feeling a little icky, but thankful my husband took the day to take care of me. - as rotten as the morning was, the day wasn't so bad. 

Question: Do you enjoy outdoor malls? 
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