Monday, February 9, 2015

The results are in...

The results of my Glucose Tolerance test have come back and sadly, I did not pass. 

I will be taking the 3 hour Glucose Test soon, but in the meantime and now that my sisters wedding is over, I have started to eat a more diabetic friendly menu. 

No more cupcakes to share with little lady...😔
I found out I'd failed the 1 hour GTT on Wednesday, but with all the wedding prep and the actual big day this weekend, I'd decided I was going to eat and enjoy myself, obviously I kept a close eye on fetal movement, obsessed about drinking water and making some healthy choices. 

The baby moves and moves and moves all day long, much like her sister did. She even kicked hard enough for her Tita to feel her on Saturday. 

So, here we go again... We are on the road to figuring out if I have Gestational Diabetes again and if yes, what is our plan to manage blood sugars without medical interventions. 

What are your favorite high protein, low carb menu options? 
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