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Week 36 Bumpdate

It's week 36 and I am very aware of the approaching birthday of our second daughter. 
I spend a lot of time giving Little Lady lots of snuggles, reading stories and telling her how much I love her. We also talk about ways she can help mom and dad. 
Newborns require a LOT of attention, but so do 1 year olds. I know I'm not super-mom, but I do strive to be A super-mom. 
Stats from my appointment.
Weight gain - 1 lb (total for pregnancy 8 lbs)
Blood Pressure - normal range 
Diabetes Managment - They got a little out of control over the weekend (thank you key lime pie, barbecue & junk food)  But they've been find today.
Estimated Arrival? No time soon... :-/ unless a lot changes this week.
The to-do list.  - finish my hospital bag - pull out and wash the babies bed  - find a way to organize both size newborn & size 3 diapers  - figure out what the baby is coming home in. - get my nails done  - possible hair cut 
Big Sister Report! She is getting more and more independent every day. On …

Week 35 - Bumpdate

Week 35 is here! 
Monday we had an appointment with my OB to check on the baby. Little Lady was over-tired from the weekend plus we are *still* working on those 4 molars. 
Poor baby, Sunday night she was just so tired, and her teeth were hurting etc... She was actually got so worked up she projectile vomited milk ALL over the two of us. My husband helped clean her up while I went and cleaned myself up and she finally settled down and went to sleep around 3 a.m.
At 6:00, I woke up with a stomach ache and was pretty much awake until the alarm went off at 7:00.
With my husband and daughter sound asleep, I got up and started getting up ready to get out the door. 
What a morning... 
Week 35 Stats
Diabetes Management - under control with diet and exercise.  
Weight Gain/Loss - lost 2 lbs since the last apt which brings my weight gain for this pregnancy to 7 lbs. 
Blood Pressure - normal healthy range
Contractions - every so often 
I'm now at the point where I will start going to the OB every w…

Jimenez Family Zoo Tour - Jacksonville Zoo

Our third and final Zoo for the tour was the Jacksonville Zoo. We woke up a little later than we wanted, BUT our little lady was SO exhausted so it was nice to get some extra sleep.

When we arrived at the Jacksonville Zoo I was so excited, it was really big and organized, and pretty!   To be honest, it felt like we were standing in line to go to Busch Gardens.  It was also exciting to watch our Little Lady excitedly run into the zoo. By the time we made it to this zoo, she was a pro!

She would run from exhibit to exhibit to and shout "Dadda, Dadda" and point. I LOVED it! Chris and I love to go to the zoo, we love to walk around and see the animals and just enjoy a relaxing day together. There is nothing more magical than seeing your daughter enjoy the same things that you love.
We spent about 7 hours at the zoo, and just barely made it through all the exhibits before the zoo closed. Thankfully the zoo was well organized with one main road through the center with several loo…

Jimenez Family Zoo Tour - Santa Fe Zoo

Next up on our Zoo Tour was the Santa Fe Teaching Zoo in Gainesville, Florida. This Zoo is affiliated with Santa Fe College, and is a place for zoo students to get real life experience during school. It only took us a few hours to see the whole zoo (at a slow pace), and we really enjoyed being shaded by the lush trees, and intimate atmosphere.

Some of our favorite exhibits included the Gibbons, the Ocelot and of course the Otters!

There is no splash pad at this zoo, but there is a nice play ground for the kids to enjoy, and a large picnic area out side of the zoo.

After the Zoo we went to visit my family for the afternoon.

Jimenez Family Zoo Tour - Central Florida Zoo

Family Vacation Day 1.

We over slept. 
Yes, completely slept through our alarms and woke up around 7 a.m.. By 8:00ish we were loaded into our rental car and on our way to the Central Florida Zoo
We decided to stop at Starbucks for some coffee and breakfast (yum) but while we were there my daughters diaper leaked ALL over me (gross) and Starbucks doesn't have any changing stations (what's up with that Starbucks, aren't moms your biggest consumer? - anyway!). Right next to the Starbucks was a Wal-Mart, SO... we went there to clean up the baby and buy me a new shirt to wear (I'd only packed 1 shirt per day of vacation). 
On the way into Wal-Mart morning sickness got the best of me, AND... I threw up in the plants outside of Wal-Mart. 
I went to the restroom, cleaned myself up now and headed to the ladies department looking for a new shirt. 
Back on the road, my husband announces that at a certain location we are going to stop for gas. I was playing Frozen Free Fall on m…

Jimenez Family Zoo Tour! - The Plan!

If you follow me on Instagram  you probably noticed about a not enough far too many pictures of us on an adventure! My husband came home from work a few weeks ago and declared that we needed a family vacation. Now that I'm a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM) I am very aware that vacations are a luxury, and certainly something to be budgeted for.

We started talking through ideas, and after some discussion we decided it was best not to fly - actually,... this was probably a good idea because when I mentioned to my OB that we were going on a little trip, she reminded me to stay local once I return.  Anyways...

One of the ideas was a Zoo tour. My husband and I love the zoo, we simply enjoy walking around, watching the animals and being together.  Our daughter (14 months) LOVES to be outside and is still free most places so it seemed like an economical adventure for us. BONUS - We are members of our local zoo, so we were able to take advantage of "reciprocal membership" discounts.


Tips from Jeff Galloway on Injury

I'm back from our family zoo tour, and am excited to re-cap our adventures for all of you. BUT! Before I do that, I wanted to bring you some tips about injury from Jeff Galloway.

From Jeff Galloway

Most injuries experienced by my runners are due to 1) pacing long runs too fast, 2) increasing the weekly mileage too quickly, 3) lengthening stride and 4) stretching. The principal in staying injuring free is to balance gentle stress with the right recovery periods - allowing for rebuilding. - Check out the book Running Injuries by Jeff Galloway for more info. Finding the right Run Walk Run strategy from the beginning of a run has been the best way I've found to stay injury free, come back from an injury and in some cases, continue to run while the injury heels.  I agree with finding the right Run Walk Run strategy at the beginning, when I ran my first Marathon at 25 weeks pregnant, I knew I could keep up with the Disney Pacing requirements if I just stuck with 1 minute of running an…

Earache or Molars? A lesson in Mothers Intuition

Admit it. 
You've been totally right, second guessed yourself and then... after hours on Google and straight up watching your child's every single move... Your confused because it could be a million different things! 
Just me? - figured. #firsttimemomproblems
On Thursday night of last week, I was 100% sure we were working on some new teeth (molars to be exact). 
But, she hasn't slept well, her apetite is off and so, after 6 days of not sleeping and everything that used to work with our teething little lady no longer works, I went back to my dear old friend Google. 
Now (thanks google), I'm convinced she has an ear infection. She has been pulling on her ears and even mine. 
So, what did I do? I called my husband and asked him to go with us to the pediatrician office. 
We sit and wait for our turn and what do we find out? 
Two things:  1) in 6 weeks she has grown about an inch and a half (growth spurt = cranky baby explanation) 
2) there is nothing wrong - except she's working…

Bump Date - 33 weeks

Happy 33 weeks... 
Today I had an appointment with my OB, all was okay until she told me that due to my history and even though I'm SUPER borderline, she's going to treat me as a diabetic. 
Hello Gestational Diabetes label. 
So, I was sent down for a growth ultrasound and (surprise) baby is measuring small. It's not really a surprise to me because I've been measuring small my whole pregnancy. 
On Thursday I am going to have diabetic counseling. Basically I sit in a room with a nurse and learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle. 
It's so frustrating for me. 
I sat in Einstein Bagel and just let the tears fall... I couldn't believe I was back in this... 
The only thing that helps me cope is that by being closely monitored means our baby is being well looked after and I'm also being taken care of. 

This little lady gave me gestational diabetes and caused me to be induced, and look how cute she is! 

Motivation & Tips from Jeff Galloway!

If you missed my first post, you can read it here. I was selected to be a part of the Jeff Galloway blogger program! So,  stay turned to my Facebook page & blog for tips and motivation from Jeff Galloway!

As always, you can check out Jeff Galloway's tips and motivation on his page

When I was training for my first Marathon, I used the Run Walk Run method. I really felt that it helped me avoid the "exhaustion wall" because I knew it was an interval and it helped me focus and stay in the moment!

In researching my book MENTAL TRAINING I discovered that running turns on brain circuits for a better attitude more vitality and empowerment better than other activities studied - Jeff Galloway.

Yes. So much yes!

In college, I went to the gym a lot - I never seemed to lose weight (and keep it off) and I never got that "feel good" buzz from working out. Finding running was truly a game-changer for me.

How about you, does running improve your attit…

The Paperwork of Pregnancy - 32 weeks

After testing my sugars for a week I had my follow up appointment to discuss the gestational diabetes. Aaaaand after a week of eating my normal diet and testing my sugars 4x a day it was decided that sometimes my fasting sugars were a little elevated but I do not have gestational diabetes!!

The days it was elevated in the mornings it was typically after a meal out (Chinese, Mexican and pizza). 
Lesson: eating a home cooked meal is just healthier! 
I was so relieved. 
I still have to test my sugars fasting a couple times this week and meet with my OB, but I'm not concerned - especially after my check up with the OB that delivered baby 1. 
In most cases if you've had GD in a previous pregnancy, you will end up with it again - so I've read. Thankfully, I am able to manage my blood sugars with a healthy lifestyle and still have room to splurge on treats occasionally (a.k.a. the weekends).

On the way home from church today I was feeling really blah. My husband gave me his list …