Monday, March 9, 2015

Bump Date - 33 weeks

Happy 33 weeks... 

Today I had an appointment with my OB, all was okay until she told me that due to my history and even though I'm SUPER borderline, she's going to treat me as a diabetic. 

Hello Gestational Diabetes label. 

So, I was sent down for a growth ultrasound and (surprise) baby is measuring small. It's not really a surprise to me because I've been measuring small my whole pregnancy. 

On Thursday I am going to have diabetic counseling. Basically I sit in a room with a nurse and learn about how to live a healthy lifestyle. 

It's so frustrating for me. 

I sat in Einstein Bagel and just let the tears fall... I couldn't believe I was back in this... 

The only thing that helps me cope is that by being closely monitored means our baby is being well looked after and I'm also being taken care of. 

This little lady gave me gestational diabetes and caused me to be induced, and look how cute she is! 

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