Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Earache or Molars? A lesson in Mothers Intuition

Admit it. 

You've been totally right, second guessed yourself and then... after hours on Google and straight up watching your child's every single move... Your confused because it could be a million different things! 

Just me? - figured. #firsttimemomproblems

On Thursday night of last week, I was 100% sure we were working on some new teeth (molars to be exact). 

But, she hasn't slept well, her apetite is off and so, after 6 days of not sleeping and everything that used to work with our teething little lady no longer works, I went back to my dear old friend Google. 

Now (thanks google), I'm convinced she has an ear infection. She has been pulling on her ears and even mine. 

So, what did I do? I called my husband and asked him to go with us to the pediatrician office. 

We sit and wait for our turn and what do we find out? 

Two things: 
1) in 6 weeks she has grown about an inch and a half (growth spurt = cranky baby explanation) 

2) there is nothing wrong - except she's working on about 3-4 molars... (Another explanation of cranky baby) 

So, yes. 

My mothers intuition from last week was right, but there is nothing better than to go in and confirm. 

I love my pediatrician - he always makes me feel better (except when he told me we should have twins... But that's a story for another day!) 

Question: do you google everything?

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