Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Paperwork of Pregnancy - 32 weeks

After testing my sugars for a week I had my follow up appointment to discuss the gestational diabetes. Aaaaand after a week of eating my normal diet and testing my sugars 4x a day it was decided that sometimes my fasting sugars were a little elevated but I do not have gestational diabetes!!

The days it was elevated in the mornings it was typically after a meal out (Chinese, Mexican and pizza). 

Lesson: eating a home cooked meal is just healthier! 

I was so relieved. 

I still have to test my sugars fasting a couple times this week and meet with my OB, but I'm not concerned - especially after my check up with the OB that delivered baby 1. 

In most cases if you've had GD in a previous pregnancy, you will end up with it again - so I've read. Thankfully, I am able to manage my blood sugars with a healthy lifestyle and still have room to splurge on treats occasionally (a.k.a. the weekends).

On the way home from church today I was feeling really blah. My husband gave me his list of things he wanted to do today, and I just felt... blah. So, I asked him if I could sneak in a run. - He agreed and then reminded me that the weather was 82 and sunny.  I knew it was hot, but I just felt like I needed to  go for a run.

We then had a long conversation about how on paper, this pregnancy has been so much smoother than my first. With my first pregnancy I struggled with my blood sugars, my color didn't ever seem right and was in the doctor every two weeks for my first AND third trimester. Even though I had some challenges, I felt good! In fact, I felt wonderful.

With this pregnancy, my charts look fabulous. My blood pressure is stable, I've gained only 5 pounds and my blood sugars have not been an issue. So, on paper... it's great. However, I feel miserable 80 or so percent of the time.  I'm 32 weeks along (8 months) pregnant and still struggling with morning sickness. In addition to that, chasing our one year old around all day exhausts me. The only "me" time I get is on Friday's when our little lady goes to my mother in laws house for the day.

Anyway, I was complaining explaining the difference in pregnancies to my husband when he reminded me that with my first pregnancy, I got sleep. Our daughter is 13 months old and only sleeps through the night on very RARE occasions. He reminded me again that is was hot and sunny outside, but sent me off on my merry way for a run.

It felt great.

I took it slow because I really haven't run much in a couple weeks, and I've had some pretty crazy braxton hicks lately - but it felt wonderful to get my legs moving again.

I came home, got to take an uninterrupted shower and even snuck in a little nap while my daughter slept and my husband did some PIYO and cooked lunch.

Finally "me time" ...

My mood was improved, but more and more I'm looking forward to not being pregnant. It's just been rough. I'm so thankful for our two girls, but I am definitely ready to welcome her home.

I'll be full term at Easter. ... Maybe she'll hop on out?

Question: Do you think Easter is a good Birthday?

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