Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 36 Bumpdate

It's week 36 and I am very aware of the approaching birthday of our second daughter. 

I spend a lot of time giving Little Lady lots of snuggles, reading stories and telling her how much I love her. We also talk about ways she can help mom and dad. 

Newborns require a LOT of attention, but so do 1 year olds. I know I'm not super-mom, but I do strive to be A super-mom. 

Stats from my appointment.

Weight gain - 1 lb (total for pregnancy 8 lbs)

Blood Pressure - normal range 

Diabetes Managment - They got a little out of control over the weekend (thank you key lime pie, barbecue & junk food) 
But they've been find today.

Estimated Arrival? No time soon... :-/ unless a lot changes this week.

The to-do list. 
- finish my hospital bag
- pull out and wash the babies bed 
- find a way to organize both size newborn & size 3 diapers 
- figure out what the baby is coming home in.
- get my nails done 
- possible hair cut 

Big Sister Report!
She is getting more and more independent every day. On Sunday she didn't want me to sit with her for the singing. :-(

She loves to help me around the house with things like sweeping, unloading the dish washer, pulling things out of the washing machiene. I'm really proud of her, love seeing her grow up. It's WAY too fast, but I guess it's the reality of life. 

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