Sunday, April 19, 2015

Baby Wiggles & Braxton Hicks

We have completed our final full week as a family of 3. 

This week I spent lots of time cuddling with little lady, and even braved finger painting. 

Daddy took us out to dinner. 
And on several adventures to Lowes! 

We watched Frozen... 
Way too any times...

And then of course... 

There was that evening when we were doing general maintenance on the AC and... something broke! 

Thankfully Abuela and Abuelo live only a 5K away, so we've been having slumber parties at thier house. 

I don't think little lady minds too much, Abuelo gives her cookies in the pool. 

Tomorrow is my last pre-natal appointment. I'm in bed feeling all these wonderful baby kicks, dealing with heart burn, Braxton hicks and dreaming of what the baby will look like! 

Question: do you think she'll have blonde or brown hair? 

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