Monday, April 13, 2015

Bumpdate! Week 38

We've made it to the official final countdown... 

It's so crazy, as soon as I stopped puking  (going into my 2nd week!) everything seemed to start FLYING with my pregnancy! 

We've also got some pretty big adventures coming up soon, so I've been busy. 


Weight gain - I gained 4 lbs this week bringing my total pregnancy weight gain to 12 lbs. 

Blood pressure - good 

Blood Sugars - stable - I was able to successfully convince my OB that medication wouldn't be necessary, I'd be a little better with my eating and exercise. 

Big Sister Report
Little lady is showing more and more signs of independence, but at the same time she is still super cuddly with me. She likes to sit on my lap and rub my belly. 

We talk about her sister every day, and every night we say good night and she gives the baby (my belly) a big kiss. I'm going to miss those sweet tender moments. She really is a sweat heart, a little feisty at times, but also gives the sweetest hugs ever.

I'm looking forward to watching the girls interact in just a few days...  

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