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Running with Friends - The Galloway Training Group

Do you run with a group, or do you prefer the time all alone? I've only ever run with my husband and on occasion my sister and her friend. However, I'm so curious to see what training and running with a group is like.

Jeff Galloway has several training groups all over the U.S.  sadly, there isn't one in my area but maybe there is one in yours!

THE POWER OF THE GROUP The fun of running with a group pulled me into the sport 57 years ago.  Running and training with my friends Steve Prefontaine, Frank Shorter Bill Rodgers, brought out the best of running in me—while we became good friends, and Olympians.  As I travel the US this season, for our Galloway training program kickoffs, I see the same fun, support and friendship development.  I hope to see many of you at our free clinics.  Here are the ways I’ve observed runners of all abilities improve more and have more fun when in the right group.
1. Great friendships 2. The miles go by quicker—telling stories, sharing life experi…

Life Update - Part 1.

I can hardly believe we are creeping up on the half way point for 2015! 
I have so much to share, but some of it I'm not exactly sure how to share so for now... Here are some of the happenings from the first part of our year! 
- resigned from my job to stay home with my babies.  - ran a Marathon (actually, the goofy challenge at Disney) - said bye bye to our doggies (they are "on vacation" at Abuelas)  - had a baby - got our condo ready to sell - moved to Ft. Myers (husband got a new job) 
There are lots of other little things, but those are the biggest and the crazy part is... The last three all happened between March and April... 
So, how am I doing? I'm exhausted. I miss my home, I miss having my mother in law drop by with  fresh (warm) banana bread, I miss my church, I miss so many things... 
In fact
I've cried so hard at times my chest hurt.
But... When I see my husband walk in the door from work, and he's happy, Genuinely happy to be working in a field he w…