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Tips from Jeff Galloway - The *new* Run/Walk/Run

As you know, I am a Jeff Galloway blogger and as such I receive tips from Jeff to share with all of you. The latest tip introduces a new way to complete the Run-Walk-Run method. When I was pregnant, and Marathon Training I used 1 minute ratios.

See the latest from Jeff on the best ratio for increasing speed below.

Jeff Introduces a New Run/Walk Strategy
The 30-second Walk Break Jeff Galloway's Run/Walk/Run method was revolutionary for three reasons:  1 - Run/Walk/Runners felt better throughout the long run.
2 - Run/Walk/Runners recovered faster and got injured less often. 3 - Run/Walk/Runners went faster with the breaks than without.  Since his introduction of walk breaks in 1974, Jeff he has received feedback from hundreds of thousands of runners, allowing him to fine tune Run/Walk/Run to keep people feeling better, staying healthy, and running faster.  The greatest benefit of the walk break comes in the first 30 sec.  Our heart rates come down, the running muscles relax, we catch o…

Pinterest Tested - Slow Cooker Edition.

Ever since our family expanded and we moved I've had to rely on our slow-cooker a lot more. I've found that if I don't use the slow cooker to get some dinner started in the morning, I struggle to get dinner on the table in the evening. 
The reasons being 1) i'm pretty tired by 5:00 p.m. and 2) both girls seem to be extra fussy around that time. So,... in order to avoid eating spaghetti  or cereal every night (which would be totally fine with me) I use my slow cooker. 
The problem is ... I usually just stick some chicken with spices in and let it go. It's very rare that I try anything new. Let's face it, I have a newborn and a toddler... If I know something works, why would I change it? 
However, I adore my husband and am thankful every single day for him. He works so hard to provide for our family and never complains about my cooking. He doesn't like to eat the same thing more than a couple of times, so I've committed to spending some time on pinterest …

Postpartum Running.

June 3, 2015 
National Running Day. 
It was the day I'd chosen to make my way back into the running world after my little break during pregnancy. 
It was going to be perfect, I was going to feel fast and graceful. I'd be like a beautiful gazelle running in the sunshine. 
That didn't happen. 
That first run felt awkward... It was like my insides were jiggling from my throat to my my toes and then settling somewhere inbetween during walk breaks and did I mention my skin? It may have been slapping me in the face... Well maybe not - but I'm sure it was flapping. 
I wish I'd remembered these feelings from the first run after my oldest was born, but I didn't. 

I put this photo as my profile picture on Facebook as a reminder that I... 
- trained for a marathon with an infant at home  - trained and ran that marathon (goofy challenge) 6 months pregnant. - that mouse (man) next to me believes in me - I will get my groove back someday
Question: how was your first run after a br…

FAQ - move edition.

Friends, we have officially been in our new city as a family of four for 3 weeks. Somewhere between unpacking the boxes, finding a rhythm and attempting to keep food on the table and lunch in my husbands lunch box every day my babies started to grow up.

My 16 month old started a consistent nap and bed time (for the first time in her life) and my newborn packed on three pounds and two inches.

I stand at my counter typing this post gazing at my toddler playing in the (extremely messy) living room and my newborn watching closely from the swing and ask I myself the same question I get over and over again.

"How do you do it?"

I no longer plan anything more than meals, naps and bedtime.  The diaper changes, snacks, story times, play times and all over daily activities are unscripted.  We simply go with the flow... if we want to read an extra story, or pull out every last toy, or have a little dance party - we do. 


Because if I stop and think about the stressful things going on,
my …