Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Day in the Life: Treat Yoself!

Ever since we moved across the state we have found every reason (excuse) possible to be back in Miami for the weekend.  It was fun to see everyone and in some ways pretend that we don't actually live 3 hours away from all of our family and friends - but it was exhausting.

Weekend after weekend of goodbyes, and week after week of living for the weekend when we'd see some family and friends really started to get us down. So, last weekend we decided we weren't going anywhere.

We would stay right here, in Southwest Florida where God has currently placed us.

We woke up on Saturday morning, cleaned, and had breakfast all together as a family and then decided we would go to the mall. We have two small children, going to the mall is not exactly an easy thing to do, but we wanted to pick up a gift for a friend so out we went.

As soon as we got loaded into the car, it rained - serious downpour!

Our first stop was Ross.

While at Ross we found an adorable wooden stool for our girls, and a shirt that says "Run now, Wine Later" for me. My husband and I have been chatting about doing the Disney Wine and Dine for years, and according to him, I needed the shirt for when we run it in 2016!

Next we went to TJMaxx, and surprisingly we didn't buy anything.

Next we went to lunch at PDQ, and headed to the outlet mall. Before attempting any shopping we decided to let our oldest run around the playground for a little while (about an hour) while I fed the baby.

After some playtime we went to the Nike Outlet where I treated myself to some BRIGHT RED running capris!

Two reasons this was a total treat yourself.

1) They are red, and were purchased for a costume during Princess Half Weekend - that's it. Not because I really needed it!

2) I don't usually wear anything red - but again, it was for a costume!

We walked around a bit and then headed out to another outlet mall near our home.  By this time our daughter was very anxious to play, play, play SO we took turns shopping and walking around with our daughter outside.

It was a lovely Saturday in our new town.

Question of the Day: Do you ever just have a shopping day, what are your favorite stores?

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