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Zoo Review: Audubon Zoo, New Orleans

Our family recently road tripped to New Orleans to go visit the Audubon Zoo. We LOVE going to the zoo, mostly because animals are always fun to watch and you can guarantee that you will always have a unique experience at the zoo.

Animals are just fun!

After hubby and I took turns running through the city and breakfast at Starbucks, we set out for an adventure at the zoo!

(His Run & My Run Recaps!)

We arrived at the zoo right when it opened, and just enjoyed the beautiful fountain. Elephants are my favorite animal, so I didn't mind spending time at the fountain.

The zoo was a little on the small side, so It didn't take the whole day to get through the exhibits. Honestly, when you have two young children and it's almost 100 degrees outside, you tend to appreciate smaller zoos.

A couple of the exhibits were not open (such as the elephants, sea lions and frogs) but of the exhibits that were open, our favorites were:
PrimatesGiraffesLouisiana SwampReptile HouseThe white alli…

Hooray for Monday: 6 Weeks until Race Day!

Here we are, 6 weeks until my first half marathon since having my girls. True, I ran a couple half marathons during pregnancy, but the truth is I haven't run a half marathon (not pregnant) since April of 2013.  YIKES!

I'm a little intimidated, because since I was usually growing a baby, i'd keep my pace slow. Now, I don't have an excuse, I've got to get out there and CHASE some goals!

So, with 6 weeks until Race day, I thought I should follow a plan and start making some of these dreams a reality! You can't run a half marathon, and run it well when you've been running here and there whenever you feel like it, you have to follow a plan!

So, off to google I went.

I found this plan over on Life and Leggings, so i'm going to give it a go!

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Etsy LOVE Volume 2 - lilmisscdesigns

Welcome back!

If you missed it, here is Volume 1 of my series on the shops I love in ETSY! For the second shop, I thought I'd share a recent find. This is one for the plannerds, planner addicts, planner enthusiasts, those who LOVE to have pretty planners.

I just recently had my second baby, and I LOST all motivation to run. Yes, all motivation. Even though I'm registered for a couple of races, I just... am NOT motivated to run.  So, I turned to Etsy.

I figured if I invested in some pretty stickers to look at in my planner, I would go run and here's when I found lilmisscdesigns. Stay at home mom of 4, she has been selling on Etsy since January of this year!

I ordered the Runner Girl stickers and the motivation stickers, I mentioned my blog to her and she threw in extra page of running stickers. Although she gifted me some stickers, my opinion does not change.

About the stickers.
They are printed on matte paper and cut, I believe using a cricket cutter is what I read. I like …

Fitness Friday - 10 minute Solutions, Yoga!

For today's Fitness Friday Post, I thought i'd share a YouTuber that was introduced to me by my husband (Blog about books; Blog about Holy Things)

Yoga with Adriene 

I enjoy doing her Yoga workouts because 1. I feel like she explains things very well (for someone like me who is a little yoga challenged) and 2. It's all about building strength and increasing flexibility.

I even did one of her yoga sequences before my Marathon last January!

Not all of her videos are ten minutes (actually, most of them are not), BUT some of them are between 10-15 minutes, and I really enjoy them!

Question of the Day: Do you Yoga everyday?

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Packing Tips: Two under Two

Our family recently went on a weekend trip to New Orleans. We loaded into the car at 2:00 a.m. and drove to New Orleans. We had a great trip, but a lot of planning went into the packing for that trip. There is a fine balance between being prepared and taking too much!

One way I stay organized now that we are a family of 4 is with packing cubes. I first learned about packing cubes on Jen's Youtube channel (Pretty Neat Living).  On her blog she has a whole section about travel and packing, you should check it out - I always get lots of inspiration from her! Upon first glance, packing cubes can be quite expensive. However, I use a site called ebates and buy from the ebags website.  if you use the referral link included you can get a 10.00 gift card and start earning money just for shopping online! The ebags website typically gives back 8-12% cash back for purchases!

Go now, Free Money!!

Anyway, back to how I pack for trips with two under two!

Yes, you will be investing in the cubes, …

Influenster Review: New Pampers Cruisers

Disclaimer: Influenster sent me a sample of the new Pampers Cruisers to try, all expressed opinions are my very own.

If you saw my unboxing video on YouTube last week, you saw that we were selected to try some of the New Pampers Cruisers. These diapers claim to turn your sag into swag. A pretty strong claim, i'd say.

My daughter is quite active, and loves to dance and play and does NOT like to be slowed down long enough for silly things such as diaper changes... (potty training time?!) I used the three diapers during nap time or bed time, because those were the two times she would go the longest between diaper changes.

I have to say, I was quite impressed. The newly designed pampers really do limit the sag - Good job, Pampers!

Here's the closest I could get to a picture of her in the diaper... (go phins)!

Thanks again Influenster and Pampers for the opportunity to try your new product :)

Tips from Jeff Galloway - Do I Need a Training Plan?

Since I am part of the Jeff Galloway blogger program, I get tips and motivation from Jeff himself to share with all of you! This information came at a great time for me as I am about to start seriously training for an upcoming Half Marathon! 
WHY SHOULD I HAVE A TRAINING PLAN?  When using a proven strategy, a runner gains control over fatigue while improving motivation.  Those who follow the right training plan, for the individual,  tend to improve more, with less injury risk.

WOULD BEGINNERS BENEFIT MORE FROM A PLAN  Unfortunately, most beginners “run as they feel” or follow conflicting advice.  This leads to confusion and more aches and pains.   The right schedule will systematically increase the type of running needed for a goal, with strategic rest for rebuilding.

1)A longer run builds endurance, 2) a hilly run builds strength, 3) Scenic or social runs insert fun and keep you coming back for more.


Etsy LOVE Volume 1 - NovelArtsandIdeas

I've recently fallen (back) in love with Etsy. I've bought several items in the past, and some shops I've LOVED and others ... not so much. So, I thought i'd take an opportunity to share with you the stores that I've LOVED!

For the first Etsy LOVE post, I'm going to share my friends shop. She is the mom of two absolutely adorable boys, and still finds time to create beautiful hand-made items inspired by books!

Her Shop:

Products I own from her shop.

1. Key Chain

This was a gift for my husband when he started a new job as a librarian. Where the Wild things is his absolute favorite childhood book, so I was excited to order this for him.

He has carried it on his keys for several months now, and the quality is still perfect!

2.  Card (displayed in our room as art work)

I ordered this card for him on his first day of work at the new job. We have it displayed in our room and it's just absolutely beautiful!

3. Custom Nursery…

Fitness Friday - 10 minute solutions.

Hey Friends!

My girl Mindy over at does a weekly Friday post called "Fitness Friday" where she talks about the ways she exercised throughout the week. It's a really inspiring post, you should head on over and check it out.

Anyway, her Fitness Friday posts inspired me to share my own Fitness post on Fridays. I'm a mom of two, both girls are under two. I don't have a LOT of time, in fact,... I'm pretty guarded with my time. I do get 1 hour a week all to myself (you know, at the grocery store) but it's not much. I'm about to start training again for some upcoming runs, but... I'll be training with a double jogger so, still not alone.  Anyway, if you are in this current season of life, or maybe you are going to school full time and working full time or whatever the case may be you don't have a lot of time either!

I'm so thankful for Youtube! There are SO many great resources for quick at home workouts that are FREE! (My kind…

Travel Souvenirs: New Orleans Edition

Lately I've been really into watching "haul videos" on Youtube. I'm not sure why I'm so fascinated by them, but I am. I like to see what's available and what people buy. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our family tends to purchase the same types of things when we travel and I was curious if anyone else shares similar interest.

So, here's a list of the souvenirs we purchased on our recent trip to New Orleans.

1. Hard Rock Cafe Pins.

My husband and his best friend both collect pins from the Hard Rock. My husband displays them on his guitar strap, and it serves as kind of a reminder of the places we've been.

2. Nike New Orleans Shirt.

My husband and I both LOVE Nike Shirts, we like to lounge around in them and to be honest, 90% of my husbands shirts are nike shirts (the other 10% is star wars or mickey).  We happened to mention that it would be fun to go get a nike shirt, and when we looked up the nike store, we were actually only a…

Unboxing: Pampers Cruisers

I was so excited when I got the email that I had been chosen to sample the new Pampers Cruisers! Here's a quick video of me unboxing the box from Influenster.

Disclaimer: I received this box complimentary from Influenster, the opinions expressed are my very own.

Guest Post: Scene on HIS Run: New Orleans

Hi Friends!

Since my love and I took turns running in New Orleans last weekend, I thought it'd be fun to show you some of the pictures he took while he was out running solo in the City! (Here's my run in case you missed it).

My hubby's Social Media.
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There were a few things on my "must do list" for Labor Day Weekend in New Orleans. Beignets and cafe au lait at Cafe du Monde, see the mighty Mississippi river that Mark Twain raved about so very much, visit the Audubon Zoo as is our family tradition, eat an authentic New Orleans po' boy sandwich and add a run to my map on Nike Plus.

OK, maybe that's a bit more than just a few things. But if I was going to make the long trek out to NOLA, I wanted to be certain that there was enough to occupy my time. Oh, the trek? We left at 2 AM (Eastern) and arrived at 2:30 PM (Central). That's a lot of time in the car. After being cooped up, …

Scene on my Run: New Orleans

Our family road tripped to New Orleans over Labor Day weekend. While the babies slept my husband and I took turns running around the city. It was strange for me to be running solo in a new city while my family was relaxing in the hotel, especially because my husband and I typically do EVERYTHING together, but it was a nice experience!

I set out to "only run a quick mile" but...

I ran 2. 
Here are some of the pictures I snapped while I was out.  Aren't the clouds beautiful! The Mississippi River! Cute little park by the river.  Outside the aquarium. Crossing the tracks and heading back to the hotel! Stopped at Starbucks for a surprise treat for our daughter! She got to try Chocolate MiLk for the first time during our trip!  Question of the day: what's your favorite part about traveling? 

5 minute lunch for the picky toddler!

My comfort food is and has always been Macaroni and Cheese. I love it SO much I even recently ordered it at a restaurant. It's just so comforting! 
My heart was a little broken when I realized my daughter does NOT have the same love for good ol' fashion Kraft Mac & Cheese. I guess I should be glad since it isn't the healthiest option available, but still I was a little saddened. 
She does however enjoy a good bowl of noodles with cheese. So, little lady's special Mac & cheese was invented. It takes less than 5 minutes and is always a hit with my toddler. 
Recipe: Cook peas (as desired) Cook egg noodles  Mix together with shredded cheese

My daughter loves this meal and I love that I can fix it in minutes. 
Lately she's been helping me cook it, which is a bonus learning activity! 
Question: what's your favorite quick lunch?