Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5 minute lunch for the picky toddler!

My comfort food is and has always been Macaroni and Cheese. I love it SO much I even recently ordered it at a restaurant. It's just so comforting! 

My heart was a little broken when I realized my daughter does NOT have the same love for good ol' fashion Kraft Mac & Cheese. I guess I should be glad since it isn't the healthiest option available, but still I was a little saddened. 

She does however enjoy a good bowl of noodles with cheese. So, little lady's special Mac & cheese was invented. It takes less than 5 minutes and is always a hit with my toddler. 

Cook peas (as desired)
Cook egg noodles 
Mix together with shredded cheese


My daughter loves this meal and I love that I can fix it in minutes. 

Lately she's been helping me cook it, which is a bonus learning activity! 

Question: what's your favorite quick lunch?
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