Saturday, September 26, 2015

Etsy LOVE Volume 2 - lilmisscdesigns

Welcome back!

If you missed it, here is Volume 1 of my series on the shops I love in ETSY! For the second shop, I thought I'd share a recent find. This is one for the plannerds, planner addicts, planner enthusiasts, those who LOVE to have pretty planners.

I just recently had my second baby, and I LOST all motivation to run. Yes, all motivation. Even though I'm registered for a couple of races, I just... am NOT motivated to run.  So, I turned to Etsy.

I figured if I invested in some pretty stickers to look at in my planner, I would go run and here's when I found lilmisscdesigns. Stay at home mom of 4, she has been selling on Etsy since January of this year!

I ordered the Runner Girl stickers and the motivation stickers, I mentioned my blog to her and she threw in extra page of running stickers. Although she gifted me some stickers, my opinion does not change.

About the stickers.
They are printed on matte paper and cut, I believe using a cricket cutter is what I read. I like that they are matte because it makes it easier to write on (without smudging).

The sticker size is perfect for my planner. I have the Take Me With You planner from Orange Circle Studio, and these stickers are small enough so they don't take up the whole page, but are big enough that I can see them on the page!

Images of stickers I own. 

Would I purchase again? 

I probably would. I really like these stickers, and I think the motivation stickers are adorable! Heads up to all my beach body coach friends, I saw she has some Cize stickers in her Fitness Section!!

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Lilmisscdesigns - instagram, check it out for coupon codes and flash sales!

Question of the day: Do you use a planner, and do you decorate it?

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