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FITNESS FRIDAY - Monster Dash - 10K Recap

Hello Friends,

Thank you SO much for all the love on the other days post. I didn't set out to be an inspiration, I set out to be a healthier version of me. It's a journey I'm still on.

Last weekend my husband attended a Bible Conference with Missionary to Niger Nate Bramsen. I had the opportunity to hear some of the messages, but mostly I was watching the girls.  I mentioned to my sister that I needed a to run a 10K for a submission time for the Princess Half Marathon and she recommended that I run a 10K at my former school (Lake Sumter Community College).

Since she agreed to watch my oldest, I registered! $30 for a 10K isn't a bad deal when you just paid 200+ over to Mickey Mouse.

The two nights before the race I couldn't sleep, at all. The first night (Thursday) I was at my inlaws house in South Florida because the girls had pediatrician appointments on Friday (yes, we kept our pediatrician in Miami...even after the move). Friday we made it to camp for the confer…

2015-2016 Running Events

I was looking over my racing schedule and couldn't help but notice how 2013 was my biggest year of running. I was completely addicted! Then with back-to-back pregnancies and life with two babies I started to focus on a couple of bigger races.

Perhaps soon we will be back out there running a 5K every weekend but for now, we will just run a few.

Are we running any races together?

Running Event Schedule. 

Who is StorybookErin?

Today on the blog, I'm answer that question. Who is this Storybook Erin girl and what's she all about?

I started blogging in 2011 as a hobby, I blogged about movies and just general daily adventures. At the time health wasn't a priority in my life. It's scary (and sad) to admit, but it wasn't. I was in graduate school, working full time and dreaming of starting a family. Through all of that, I went from overweight to obese.

From the time I got married in 2008 until the end of 2011 I had gained a good 50-60 pounds and was completely uncomfortable in my own skin. I asked my husband if he would start walking with me to help me lose some weight and he agreed.

In January of 2012 we started walking a few miles a couple days a week, and limiting our junk food intake. It was around this time my blog started to shift focus and become more of a weight loss journey.

By April of 2013 I had fallen in love with running, ran two half marathons, countless 5k's, lost about 60…

Hooray for Monday: 2 Weeks until Race Day!

Two more weeks people, TWO more weeks. I'm super excited about this upcoming half marathon as it will be my first NON-pregnant Half Marathon since April 2013. I had two (mostly) healthy pregnancies and have two amazing children, I am forever thankful. BUT ... It's time to enjoy some non-preggo running!

Over the weekend I indulged on quite a few treats, and it caught up to me by Sunday night. Right in the middle of two fussy babies fighting sleep I was in the bathroom throwing up. I was miserably sick, and didn't know if I'd feel better by morning.

I didn't. I was sick on Monday too.

Since I wasn't feeling myself, I skipped my run and opted to do some strength training and a walk with the girls.

On Tuesday the training plan calls for a 4 mile run, but I was still feeling pretty sick so I only ran a little more than 2.

Wednesday - I was supposed to be a 5 mile run. 
I ended up walking with the girls and doing some strength training. 
Thursday - 3 miles on the age…

Fitness Friday - Pinterest Workout Edition

I'm back with another one of those "quick workouts" pinned onto my Pinterest Board.  The original source of this is, I clicked the link directly from Pinterest, but couldn't find the original post so I've linked the tumblr page and pinterest link for you.

Anyway... This is one I pinned a LONG time ago and it looked like something fun I could do with my toddler, so we did it - and loved it!

There really isn't anything cuter (or more motivating) than watching your 1.5 year old exercise with you! 

Question of the day: What's your favorite way to exercise with kids?

Nike Outlet Haul: Fall 2015

Living in Southwest Florida, it's very easy to make it to a Nike Outlet. A few weeks ago we went down to the Miramar Outlets and looked for some new running shirts.

I picked up two nice pieces at great prices!

Strappy Purple Tank - 8.37 (Original Price: 35.00)

UV Protect 50+ Orange Shirt - 15.37 (Original Price: 38.00)

Question of the day: What's your favorite way to save money on fitness gear?

Hooray for Monday: 3 Weeks until Race Day!

Time is zooming! I can't believe we are already three weeks away from race day!!!

Here's a quick re-cap of my week.

Monday: 3 miles.

My husband and I both needed to run so we pulled out the double jogger and went for a run. Nothing really exciting, just a 5K at a pretty fast (for me) pace to end the day.

Tuesday: Strength Training

On Tuesday I walked with the girls (.75 miles) and did some push ups and other core training. Little Lady discovered the benches around the pond, so we spent some time just watching the birds fly around. Baby girl was sleeping in the stroller so I didn't mind sitting with my girl talking about all the animals we saw.

Wednesday: 6 Miles.

My intention was to get up early and run the 6 miles before my husband left for work. Unfortunately, we are working on some teeth, so the babies aren't sleeping well (read - the momma is not sleeping well). I knew that by the time my husband got home from work and the family was fed I'd not be able to get …

Fitness Friday - October 16

As a mom of two very young children I often feel over-whelmed with all my responsibilities and often think about dropping fitness from my day. Anyone else?

Now that the weather is cool-er we have been going on walks together. Our loop is about .75 miles, and my oldest daughter loves to search for animals, look at the flowers and most recently she has discovered leaves.

At first I felt kind of silly tracking our walks on Endomondo (free app), but it's kind of inspiring to go back and see how much activity you've actually done.

So moms, don't get stuck inside all day watching the clock, go for a walk!

Question of the day: What are some of your favorite ways to add fitness into your daily routine?

Just a dorky visor? - My Review of Sparkle Athletic Visor.

Can I just brag on my sisters for a minute? They watched me finish the Goofy Challenge in January and decided they wanted to run a race. So, Princess Half here we come! Neither one of them have ever ran, but they have both been training and even did a 10K to get a good time to submit.

I'm so proud! 
My sister (Ruth) and I are doing the Glass Slipper Challenge (GSC) but my younger sister (Dana) is "only" doing the 10k. Since it's just Ruth and I for the half, we decided to be the Eels from The Little Mermaid. 
So, for our costume we ordered green visors from Sparkle Athletic . When it came, I just kind of looked at it and thought "why did I order this? I hate anything around my head when I'm running" 
the things you buy for a RunDisney race. 
I've worn the visor a few times for both running, and at the beach and I can officially say, I love it! No, it's not just a dorky visor, it's adorable! 
The reasons why I previously didn'…

Hooray for Monday: 4 weeks until Race Day!

Can I get a Boo Ya for Monday?

:::BOO YA!:::
I'm excited an nervous for the upcoming Half Marathon, but I've been training so I really don't need to be nervous. Here's a recap of my training from last week. 
Monday -  The training plan called for 4 miles, so reluctantly... I headed to the treadmill and ran 4 miles! This was a struggle for me because I also had to go get the weekly groceries and we like to do our bedtime routines as a family. Thankfully the girls didn't need a bath on Monday, so I didn't miss much of our evening family time. 
Tuesday -  I was supposed to do strength training, and literally EVERY time I started to watch a fitness movie, or do anything someone was having a meltdown. I did squeeze in a 3 minute arm workout and of course our daily walk to feed the turtles. It wasn't what I had hoped for, but I was active. 

Wednesday - Fail.  I got up early ready to run 5 miles. The weather was perfect! I got just outside our neighborhood and saw…

OOTD: 8 Mile Run

Outfit of the Day!  Sparkle Athletic Visor - GreenNike Tennis Shirt - Blue UA Compression Shorts 7 inch - BlackSparkle Athletic Skirt - Gunmetal Nathan's  Running Belt Pro Compression Socks - BlackNike Lunar Glides
How I felt during the run: 
This was a very comfortable outfit for my 8 mile run. The visor helped keep the sweat out of my eyes, and the shirt was a mesh back so I was able to keep cool that way too.

I was having a little trouble with the sparkle skirt and the running belt today, for some reason the skirt just wasn't sitting right on my hips and I felt like I was pulling it down the whole run.

Overall it was pretty comfortable and the compression socks help keep my legs feeling strong for those miles.

Question of the day: Do you run with a running belt?

All products were purchased by myself (or gifted to me from my husband). 

Fitness Friday - 3 Minutes for toned Arms?

Raise your hand if you are guilty of pinning a BUNCH of quick workouts and then NEVER trying them?

:::Raises Hand:::
Just me? 
I highly doubt that. Today I was scrolling through my Pinterest and found a Buzzfeed article with workouts to have toned arms with just three minutes! I was a little skeptical that my arms would feel the burn with just three minutes of toning activities, and also feeling a little convicted about all the things I've pinned over the years and never tried - so I tried it! 
The article gives three options for people to try, each of them range from beginner to advanced and can be done without any equipment and only last 3 minutes! 
I did the beginner workout while my husband finished getting ready for work, and found that it didn't take long for my arms to feel the burn! 
Bottom line, you won't have sexy-toned arms in three minutes. It won't happen. 
However, just as with all fitness, if you were to work at it every day and continue to make healthy…

Recipe Review: Black Bean Smothered Sweet Potatoes

It's been a while since I tried a new recipe. I'd gotten into a groove of buying the same groceries over and over again, it made meal planning easy and groceries faster. The only problem, I was sick of eating my own cooking. Truth is, if I AM  sick of my own cooking, I knew my husband probably was too. He doesn't like routine when it comes to meals, he likes more of a variety.

I knew I had sweet potatoes roasting in the crock pot and some black beans in the pantry.

So, off to google I went and a quick google search landed me on the website where I found a recipe for smothered sweet potatoes! 

This recipe can be done over the stove or if you are in a hurry it can be done in the microwave.  My husband and toddler (1.5 years) and I really enjoyed this meal. I loved that it was something new to try with ingredients we already had in our pantry. It's also a great meal if you are trying to eat less meat.

Question of the Day: Have you ever tried black beans on …

Influenster Unboxing: Apple & Eve Organics

Influenster and Apple and Eve Organics was kind enough to send our family some juice to try, check out our unboxing video to see what flavors we will be sampling!

Disclaimer: these products were sent to our family for review purposes free of charge, all opinions expressed are my very own.

Hooray for Monday: 5 Weeks until Race Day!

Last week, I shared the training plan I am following with all of you. I was pretty scared that I'd totally flop, both girls seem to have stuffy noses and have been refusing to sleep on a regular schedule (due to the running noses I'm assuming). However, I didn't flop. I actually followed my plan (mostly).

On Monday the training plan called for 3 miles, so I headed to the treadmill and ran a 5k.
Distance: 3.12 miles
Pace: 12:17 minute pace

On Tuesday the training plan called for Strength Training, so I went to YouTube and found a 10-minute workout.
Fat Blast - 10 minutes

On Wednesday the training plan called for 4 miles. My intent was to get up very early and go running, but we were on day 3 of my oldest daughter waking up at all hours of the night hungry and I just couldn't. My husband works late on Wednesdays, so I knew an evening 4 mile run wouldn't happen. So, I ran 1.
Distance: 1.03 miles
Pace: 11:26 minute pace

On Thursday the plan called for a 3 mile run. My h…