Friday, October 2, 2015

Fitness Friday - 10 Minute Fat Blast!

If you saw my post on Monday, you saw that I am actively training for an upcoming Half Marathon.  Wednesday called for cross training, so I went to my favorite *FREE* workout resource (Youtube) and found this quick ten-minute fat blasting workout!

It was quick and got my heart rate up and was fun to do! My toddler even did some of the moves with us. :-)

I live in the second story, and when we do any kind of jumps etc, the neighbors hear us. So, I can't do anything really crazy (well, I could - but I don't because I'm trying to be a good neighbor).  One way I modified the "star jumps" (jumping jacks) was to keep my arms moving but only step to each side (instead of jumping out with both feet).  That's also a good modification to use if you are just getting into fitness or can't jump.

Question of the day? How do you sneak in fitness to your daily routine?

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